things that have made me happy

This blog has been a bit Negative Nigel lately, I know, so I thought I’d share some nice things.

The fact that coconut creamer is right there next to the half and half at Weaver Street Market makes me happy. OH MY GOSH GUYS HAVE YOU TRIED COCONUT CREAMER IT IS FANTASTIC?!


In general, Weaver Street Market makes me happy. Stopping off for a healthy (?!) meal of bread, pimiento cheese, and kombucha.


Actually, generally Carrboro in general makes me happy 😀

The Carrboro farmer’s market, home of great bread art.


The Carrboro pizza truck, looking all cute at sunset with its twinkle lights and picnic tables. Oh, Carrboro.


Family. Happiness.

My mom sent me this card for no reason in October. I LOVE IT! We both have a *problem* with the candy corn pumpkins. I actually have to admit that I bought one bag of the little pumpkins, ate a few, got a horrible headache, and then stopped. And my mom did the same!

But the card is fantastic.


Also family: my sister. We met up with a kitten adopter (*sob*) and then had to take ourselves for a delicious Mediterranean consolation lunch.


My nephew I also love. When Malindi leaves town she makes me look after my nephew Mearl. Mearl is very intentional about carrying his toys with his mouth to new playing places, such as my bed, hahahaha.


My roommate makes me so happy! God bless CraigsList for connecting me with this fabulous girl.

We jointly held yet another wildly successful clothing swap. Here are the shirts alone!


Around my birthday Alli made me a romantic dinner of lasagna by candle light. Not too shabby!


Another fun housemate we have is this lizard friend! I named her Priscilla. She hung out with Alli on our back porch while Alli played guitar. She’s a musically inclined lizard. She’s been hiding out more since it’s gotten cold, but I’ll look forward to seeing her come spring.


Additional friends make me happy!

This is Boo, a perfectly named black cat. He’s a real goofball.


He belongs to my friend Lesli!

Here is something adorable: I am now a member of a first wives’ girlfriends’ club!

My ex used to hang out with a group of dudes to do trivia. We’d all hang out, the dudes and their girlfriends, and I got to be pretty tight with two girls, Emily and Lesli.

And thennn… all the relationships ended! First Emily’s, then mine, then Lesli’s. I won’t tell you which breakup was the worst ;D

An embarrassing amount of time passed and then we had this shared experienced called- wait we are all awesome and love each other and can we hang out without boys?!

So we did! I went to Lesli’s pumpkin carving party which was adorbs.


I had recently sliced open my hand (long story) so I just observed and provided moral support for everyone else’s creations.

Emily’s Frankenpumpkin!


Lesli’s Boo pumpkin!


Then a few weeks later we moved from Halloween to Christmas, stopping in at a cute Christmas market in Greensboro. Highlight was 100% the epic Amish baked goods stand nomnomnom.


A brief digression to assure you I still don’t like:

The patriarchy. Here’s a woman on the bus confining her body into as small a space as hospital, with her backpack on her lap, leaving the seat beside her wide open. And here’s the gentleman behind her, resting his crap on the seat next to him making it incredibly difficult for someone to come in and sit there. Man spreading to beat the band.



(Note that the ginger guy in front of the girl gets a pass- he actually had crutches on the seat next to him!)

Also, I have been working to tone down my anger about the election but its results still inspire great DISLIKE. I sometimes start uncontrollably thinking about Supreme Court appointments while running errands. I’m just so sad thinking how hopeful and excited I was anticipating the election of a female president. Look at this badass car that was stationed outside the Hillary headquarters in downtown Carrboro.


Back to things that make me happy: food that isn’t especially good for me.

It was shark week and I was really really jonesing for a burger. I was going to go to Al’s and then they were closed! So instead I walked an additional mile or so to Buns, and got this beauty, with cheese, mustard, pickles, lettuce and tomato:


Another fantastic junky meal: Myra and Alex confessed to me that they had been going to Rise every Sunday morning for donut and biscuit breakfast takeout. They invited me to join them one week.

OHMIGOD they have eggplant bacon and it is so good I can’t even believe it.


As I left their home I marveled at the fact that their flowers were gorgeously blooming… in November?! North Carolina, you so crazy, I love you.


What has been making you happy lately?