Am I crunchy? Urban Dictionary posits the following:


Adjective. Used to describe persons who have adjusted or altered their lifestyle for environmental reasons. Crunchy persons tend to be politically strongly left-leaning and may be additionally but not exclusively categorized as vegetarians, vegans, eco-tarians, conservationists, environmentalists, neo-hippies, tree huggers, nature enthusiasts, etc.
I’m crunchy about… eating really really good brunch? (But it contains local food!)

crooks corner

I hope to share a lot of flexitarian, local/organic/wholesome as available, thoroughly delicious, mostly simple but occasionally fancy food in this blog.

I also hope to share a lot of the fun things I do here in my joyfully hippie Carolina town.

Recent crunchy developments in my life include having…

–         Eliminated aluminum deodorant from my life
–         Biked to work wearing a thirty pound purse that also contained my lunch (ouch!)
–         Learned to knit
–         Admired the homemade bathmat my way more talented at knitting roommate fashioned out of multicolored old tshirts
–         Purchased local pottery for my registered-at-Crate-and-Barrel cousin’s wedding (don’t know how thrilled she was about that one)
–         Created a bedside table from the boxes I used to move into my apartment covered with a pretty piece of fabric I got in Thailand
–         Gotten my astrological chart read (I’m a Libra with Cancer rising- a lover of beauty and peace and very maternal)
–         Spent $24 solely on organic hot dogs and hamburgers for a barbecue with a couple of neighbors
–         Listened to a rapturous honey vendor share the mystical and amazing world inside a beehive.
–         Bought a bike and ridden it everywhere I can. Specifically, bought a bike from a random guy I met at a party for less than I ultimately paid for a helmet.
–         Celebrated Krishna’s birthday with a friend I made at the farmer’s market
–         Bought Christmas presents for everyone I know plus a piece of furniture at an estate sale for $33
–         Patted someone’s pet pig at a swap market
–         Spontaneously broken into song along with the manager of my favorite coffee shop
–         Decorated my trash can with flowers and written, “Could you be recycling this?” inside the lid.
–         Learned baby sign language
–         Made miniature Christmas trees out of old paper towel holders and plates
–         Made Christmas cards out of shredded old magazine pages
–         Ate lentils and mushrooms for Thanksgiving dinner
–         Told everyone I know how great Diva Cups are
–         Mulched an inner city garden with a group of volunteers
–         Visited an open air herb garden/tea house
–         Spent several hours at a cat sanctuary petting the crap out of the 350 kitties who live there
–         Learned to finger knit
–         Planned my life’s next moves based on a tarot cart reading
–         Chased an unwise chicken out of the street back into his yard
–         Attended a donation based yoga studio
–         Obtained almost an entirely new wardrobe from a clothing swap I hosted for fourteen
–         Made vegan caulflower alfredo sauce
–         Spent an Amazon gift card on BPA-free glass tupperware
–         Befriended my friend’s chickens
–        Received a breakup care package that included honey chamomile tea and a Goddess Card

I hope to capture more moments of exploration, and show you some of the beautiful places I’ve been getting to know in my new (ish) North Carolina home.

Please join me!


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