cookin and eatin

Here are some things I’ve been cooking! Some simple, some fancy. Some cooked FOR me!

A simple weeknight dinner…

  • Trader Joe’s chopped Southwest salad kit
  • Shrimp pan fried real quick with a bit of oil and chile lime seasoning


Random assortment:

  • kale chips
  • avocado toast
  • ineptly fried egg
  • 1/2 a banana with some PB


  • black bean chips
  • avocado tzaziki dip from Trader Joe’s (v good!0
  • salad with chopped up apple, nuts, cheddar, vinaigrette


Smitten Kitchen’s crispy rice bowl! I’ve already sung the praises. Further documentation I can’t stop making variations on it!


My friend Emily had a birthday shindig so I made her a cake! Not for the first time, Smitten Kitchen’s homemade ho ho/ding dong/whatever you call the Little Debbie product. Delicious, BUT, it’s a fool’s errand to try to make marshmallow frosting on a humid day. Too goopy!

I confirmed my card carrying introvert ways by spending much of the party petting the hostess’s dog.


Mm look at that perfect crumb on that cake!


Shortly thereafter was my cousin’s birthday and I made her one of her all time faves… banana cream pie:

  • Trader Joe’s pie crust (I just loathe making pie crust and am terrible at it)
  • bananas (duh)
  • random vanilla custard I cobbled together from various internet sources
  • barely sweetened whipped cream
  • chocolate shavings around the edge for beauty


Cottage cheese pancakes! Gosh, these were good. Shame I can’t remember where I got the recipe hahaha.


Topped with leftover fruit salad I’d made for something or other.


A perfect springtime combo:

  • asparagus, either steamed or sauteed in olive oil
  • fried egg
  • balsamic reduction (or your thickest syrupiest balsamic vinegar)


The egg yolk and the vinegar together are moneyyyy


A random lunch…

  • avocado toast
  • cottage cheese with some strawberries I’d cooked down with a bit of sugar and balsamic and maybe some other berries too?
  • these cold brew lattes which became the death of me… I’ve been trying to quit caffeine?! story for another blog post.


Brunch for frens!

  • Cold brew, as discussed hahaha
  • tomato, onion and goat cheese quiche
  • homemade french toast casserole thrown together with various berries and a bunch of nutella (WHOOOOAAA)
  • fresh watermelon
  • manfriend brought his homemade fried chicken!


I threw this together for a weeknight dinner and I think it would’ve made good drunk food hahaha. (I had not been drinking to be clear.)

  • Black beans cooked with enchilada sauce and a bunch of cheese
  • frozen sweet potato fries baked til crispy
  • avocado
  • green onoins


Yet another odd collection of items:

  • two small veggie hot dogs with sauerkraut
  • steamed artichoke with mayo
  • watermelon
  • kale chips


Oh LOOK, it’s yet again that crispy rice bowl! I told you! This time I made it with the carrots and cucumbers as written.


Smitten Kitchen’s tzaziki potato salad. One of the few times one of her recipes has been a dud for me. It just was unremarkable. If I’m craving potatoes+ Mediterranean flavors again I’ll just make potato salad the way my mom makes it (with olive oil and TONS of fresh oregano)


Ahhh okay so the manfriend and I had pizza night! He loves making homemade pizza. We also had some pizza sauce he’d gotten from a local restaurant.

Here’s one of our finished slices:


Pizza making can take awhile between letting dough rise and prepping toppings and preheating oven and so on. So we had a bit of a lull. Plus, we had leftover toppings.

That resulted in him making this unbelievable creation:

  • toast fried in butter
  • assorted leftover pizza toppings including sauteed mushrooms, sauteed onions, black olives, a few little meat bits
  • jalapeno queso (!!!) poured on top. Good grief.


The pepperoni/mushroom/onion pizza pictured above ended up looking like this sliced. Quite dense in the crust.


The other pizza was puffier and the toppings were my personal favorite…


  • sausage
  • caramelized onions
  • sauteed garlic (like, LOTS OF GARLIC)
  • black olives


The fella was about to leave town so he sent me home with a bit more sauce and a bit more dough… so I made this guy with mushrooms and kale. Astonishing no one, opting for a healthier pizza (veggie toppings, no fatty porky things, more modest amount of cheese) was less delicious hahaha.


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