living for the weekend

So now I’ve gotten myself a job! Now we find ourselves in a sweet window where my morale has risen but I still have some time on my hands, which means it’s an ideal time for blogging and catching you up on my life.

So here we have some weekend fun:


I got the first strawberries of the season at the farmers market and tossed them with some sugar, black pepper, and balsamic. Then used that as a topping for some pancakes (actually made from some rather old Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pancake mix. Freakin’ delicious)


Easy, spring-y salad: thinly sliced fennel, arugula, canned sardines in lemon olive oil, more olive oil, lemon juice.

To be honest, though, in the weeks following Easter I get really excited about being a bit of a carnivore because I don’t eat meat during Lent.


BURGER! I so rarely eat red meat so when I do I feel vitality pouring into all my cells. This was from Al’s. Beef is local, pastured, all the good things.


Another day my cousin got me lunch as a thank you for watching her little baby. This was a Southwestern style chicken salad from Brixx, with beans and corn and cheese and crunchy tortilla strips and a chipotle-y dressing. Quite tasty!


It was a really beautiful night so I met my friend Shaylen for pink wine and apps at Glasshalffull. We sat outside and were happy clams.

Later that weekend I hit up the UNC Science Expo. It’s part of the North Carolina Science Festival, which was started by one of my coworkers from back in the day at the planetarium (<< still the funnest job I’ve ever had). I had fun wandering around looking at sciences and arts.


Then we had ourselves a rainy Sunday. Fortunately, Colton was in town, visiting from Winston Slaem, where he now works. Because all of my other friends bafflingly love Colton immediately after meeting him despite the fact that he is kind of the worst, I invited my friend Emily to join us for brunch at Monuts.


Beautiful people, hahahaha.

Along with those donuts (mine was strawberry lavender and just delightful), we also got sammiches.


This was the Stravocado: foccacia, homemade strawberry jam, goat cheese chevre, bacon (gave mine to Colton- I don’t really eat pig), fresh local strawberries, avocado, and pea shoots in a honey lemon vinaigrette. INCREDZ.

Next on the rainy day agenda was a trip to wander around The Scrap Exchange. That place is magic. I particularly enjoy the art gallery- some of my favorites captured below!

IMG_8615 IMG_8617
IMG_8618 IMG_8619

I tried very hard to include some free/cheap things on my weekend (The Scrap Exchange, the Science Expo, wandering around the farmers market, etc.) to balance out the expenditures (damn my intense love of brunch) but this is all going to be a lot less stressful now that I have a job. Thank goodness!


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