easter weekend

It’s funny, you’d think (f)unemployment would leave me all the time in the world to blog but it hasn’t worked that way. I kind of have to be in this in-between spot to blog. When I’m super super happy and engaged in life, I don’t have the time. When I’m super depressed, I don’t have the will.

Anyway, that’s why I’m blogging about Easter a month after the fact. But I have some tasty things to share!

It began with this REMARKABLE salmon at my aunt’s house. I helped her make it and marveled how beautiful and fancy, yet healthy and simple, it was.


Per her instructions, I grated a buttload of ginger and smeared it onto the filets to make a crust (obviously it was a little clumpy because it’s ginger, not a liquid, but the point was that there was a lot of it and every bite had some!) Then I put curry powder in a little tea strainer and sprinkled that thickly over the top.


Though it seems like a LOT of seasoning, this then went into a hot pan with olive oil and the flavor mellowed so much. It was just a delicious, crunchy, crust- it made the salmon meatier somehow!

Then we rounded out the meal with some sauteed leeks to go on top of the salmon (seriously, this was SO delicious!), some roasted potatoes, and some steamed asparagus.


All of this was enjoyed on my aunt and uncle’s porch, which is DREAMY. They’ve done increasing work to it over the years- the latest addition are the cool blinds. “We look like f*** Brooklyn hipsters,” bemoaned my uncle.


Easter itself was at my sister’s godparents’ house. Everything was yummy but those roasted potatoes were SO FREAKING GOOD.


My mom, like always, made her incredible baklava.


A real highlight of the day was having our own EASTER BUNNY! Our cousin’s little baby wabbit, Thumper. Malindi and I took lots of pics with Thumpy Thump.

IMG_8477 IMG_8491

And speaking of cute animals, I also squeezed in a visit with my dad and his doggo, Bodie. Bodie was all I’M SO GLAD YOU’RE HERE LET ME BRING YOU THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD THIS SQUIRREL TOY! He’s getting quite gray around the muzzle now but still acts like a puppy.


I ended up staying through the start of the next week (the perks of funemployment, eh?) so on Monday my mom and I checked out the hipster new Korean food court that opened in my home town (Annandale, VA= “Little Korea”).

We opted for the poke bowl spot for our first visit. This was DELICIOUS- it had brown rice, raw salmon, crab salad, and other tasty tasty things.


And then, for the road, I got us both some bubble teas! This kept me caffeinated and sugared up for my drive back to NC.


So clever with those sealable lids.


It was good having the sugar and caffeine on board, since I encountered a BIBLICAL traffic delay due to… construction? Disabled car and/or truck? No one was sure but as you can see at a certain point anarchy hit and cars just started driving in closed lanes and on the shoulder. Madness.



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