life lately

After I passed the RD exam I felt a little bit sorry for myself to be single and have no one special who cared that much about it.

So the next day, after a job interview (ultimately unsuccessful, alas) in Durham, I bribed Colton to have brunch with me to celebrate. As in, I was like “Please have brunch with me so I feel special. I’ll pay.”

He was ecstatic.


A fancier, funner celebration- with the seester! Malindi was kind enough to treat me to celebratory afternoon tea at the Carolina Inn!

I loved my polka dotted teacup so much.


It was the perfect occasion! Pretty place to sit, lovely service (kind and relaxed and attentive without being hover-y) and yummy food!


In the savory department, we got cucumber sandwiches, tiny little pimiento cheese biscuits, and little roast beef and asparagus toasties (I think? This was a few weeks ago so my memory is not perfect, hahaha).


In the sweet department, mini red velvet cupcakes, mini key lime pies, and pistachio macarons


Not pictured: chocolate covered strawberries on the top tier 😍

And of course there was the tea itself. I got a coconutty rooibos which was SO good!


And the absolute highlight- these uhhhhhhmaaaaaaaazing miniature scones. Oh my goodness they were warm and light and crumbly and tender and delightful. They came in two lavors: plain, and cranberry-almond.

And we got homemade lemon curd, devonshire cream, and apricot jam on the side.


I could have eaten 10,000 of these.


It was suuuuuuch a treat! We were actually meant to go to tea for a birthday celebration for me (in October… but then there was a hurricane and various other dramas). But it felt more special celebrating my professional success than the day I just happened to be born 😀

Speaking of being born, here’s some pics of my favorite baby. He started eating solids LIKE A LITTLE BOSS!


Hello yes I love bouncing too.


Something not so fun- we had a rather dramatic water outage in Chapel Hill/Carrboro. Something happened with water being overfluoridated (?!) and also a water main break and it resulted in this situation:


Driving to Durham to pick up a water stash because it was all quickly snapped up in CH.

It was rather unfortunate timing since I’d invited several friends over for dinner the night the water shortage began. Thank God I’d prepped a lot of the food in advance so that was less of an issue… but the bathroom situation was frustrating since we literally couldn’t flush the toilets and had to just dump in buckets of water… and then wash our hands with water bottles! Anyway, it was an adventure.

As usual, was too busy having fun with friends to take any pictures of the actual gathering (an impromptu celebration, once again, for me passing the RD exam. I have a lot of friends in the general health care field- an MD, an NP, a girl in social work school etc.- and they all understand the joys of licensing exams).

But the theme was breakfast for dinner and I made:

  • fruit salad
  • coconut blueberry baked oatmeal
  • this strata with bread, eggs (from my friend Steph’s chickens), brie, and roasted veggies


There was also, of course, lots of wine.

Having wine corks around created a party for Lola Belle.


By the next day I was kind of over not being able to flush a toilet so I went and hung out with the boys (Colton and Pranish) in Durham. We all ended up getting more brunch (hurray!) with another friend in Cary at the incredible La Farm. I got scrambled eggs with avocado and goat cheese and a cafe au lait. Here is Colton doing… something.


A few days later, I had yet another celebratory dinner with my friends Dan and Bethany and their adorable little T, whose hand is in this picture- can you see it? She’s three now and HILARIOUS. Definitely a threenager prone to fits of sudden rage, but also articulate and hilarious.

It was gorgeous out so they grilled.


Once Colton passed the RD exam, a theme having been established, we got brunch again. This time at Rise, where I got a King Cake donut. Excellent!


As for the rest of the time, I’ve been maniacally applying for jobs and, for sanity, taking gazillions of long walks. Thank goodness for this good weather! Well, it’s a sign that our planet is horribly ill, so actually no. But the warmth has meant that I have a virtually limitless source of exercise for free, which is very very good for both my mental health and (frighteningly limited) budget.

I’ve been going to the UNC arboretum on basically a daily basis. The gardeners there are amazing- as one thing fades, another thing starts to bloom. Right now we’re having the ascent of the azaleas as we say goodbye to the magnolias.

The magnolias were amazing though!


So many different varieties!


What is the name of this flower, please? It is so sweet!


Many many colors


How is everyone’s life lately?