and so it begins

Scenes from the Women’s March on Washington:


Huge (yuuuuuge?) crowds


My date (of course at the angle taken I look like a chipmunk but you have to see our fabulous pink pussy hats, knitted by a dear friend of the family who wished to remain anonymous because she runs in conservative crowds [hahaha it’s not Melania Trump but wouldn’t that be great?!]


Like many of the people there, we were not able to get anywhere neeeeear the stage, so I only have heard about speeches/performances/raves after the fact. So here’s what I was able to capture on my trusty iPhone!

First of all, there was a *lot* of of wit on display in the signs, some of which is a bit unprintable for this blog 😉

Something we can all get behind, though, Beyonce lyrics:


And there was some seriously high quality Christianity on display




Love Thy Neighbor [it reads]:

Thy Homeless Neighbor
Thy Muslim Neighbor
Thy Black Neighbor
Thy Gay Neighbor
Thy White Neighbor
Thy Jewish Neighbor
Thy Christian Neighbor
Thy Atheist Neighbor
Thy Racist Neighbor
They Addicted Neighbor


There were some amazing men present:


(My mom was tickled pink by the sign above)

More sweet children with woke parents:


And BEARS! Here’s a reeeeeeally high quality polar bear costume! And another angle of the pink pussy hat; me in the foreground! The pink pussy hat was clutch because it was too warm for a coat but a bit cold for a sweater.


Aaaaand speaking of bears, a clever (disturbing?) Secretary of Education nominee joke.


Half a million+ people there, so naturally I ran into my friend Claire in line for the bathroom with no prior planning. One of the friends she was with had had her birthday on Inauguration Day (yeow) and I was able to present her with an extra pink pussy hat, which seemed to really make her day 😀

Note that while in this picture I am in my pink pussy hat (can you tell I’m trying to use that phrase as often as I can in this post? :D) Claire was wearing a hat she got at a Dixie Chicks concert (!) in North Carolina where, following our cluster**** of a trans-hating law’s passage, the band passed out every concertgoer a hat that said “No Hate in Our State”.


There’s not a lot I can say that hasn’t already been eloquently put across by other attendees:

  • Everyone in attendance was really kind- I saw an irritable looking bro in a Make America Great Again hat making his way through the crowd and no one bugged him (which probably disappointed him, ha!)
  • There was a really great diversity of ages, races, and viewpoints- who knows if the women with the Love Thy Neighbor shirts from their church really had all that much in common with the ones with obscenities on their signs- the point was, they had come together to march for women. I feel good about a cause when it brings so many people together (and inherently suspicious about it when it systematically excludes people based on their race/gender/religion/viewpoints- ahem).
  • The organizers were clearly like “HOLY COW SO MANY PEOPLE SHOWED UP” and were very creative about communicating messages with the crowd- one woman was doing call-and-response with a bullhorn with phrases like “If you need a doctor” “If you need a doctor!” “Please see me!” “Please see HER!” (we responded, pointing our fingers)
  • There were a lot of people with signs about an issue of particular concern to them- climate change, LGBT issues, disability rights, protecting Planned Parenthood, unions, etc.- and I’m hoping people wiser than I can make a road map of we can help advance those diverse progressive causes despite the current political climate.
  • I saw a band set up with paper mache instruments that included Fallopian Tubas and it made my life
  • The experience was incredibly encouraging and fed my soul!

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