My aunt Kathy and uncle Tom came down to NC to build a cat tower for Malindi and Eric’s cat Mearl!


He loves it! Kind of! He’s a little blind so he doesn’t totally get it.


Okay I jest that was not actually why they came to NC (though they were indeed roped into it).

They came down to see Alejandro Escovedo. Oh and my sister and me, I guess ūüėČ

They were nice enough to bring us along and Alejandro was AMAZING in concert. I always feel like a plant that’s been watered after I see live music. And the acrobatic strength of his drummer was quite inspiring.


They spent Friday through Sunday with us and besides cat-ing and concert-ing (though obviously those things took up awhile) we enjoyed additional fun activities such as:

  • Exploring The Scrap Exchange, which is amaaaazing
  • Having a campus tour led by Malindi and me
  • Walking around adorable Hillsborough and admiring various art galleries
  • Visiting the always lovely Carolina Inn which was all gussied up for the holidays, including various displays for the Twelve Days of Christmas.


Three French hens= hilarious

Always yummy food too of course.

Pre-concert, we had dinner at the reliably excellent Venable.

I had this dreamy salmon with spinach ‘n grits. Quite the balanced plate!


Later we had a stellar brunch at the beautiful Guglhupf, where it was (just about, at least) warm enough to eat outside.

Grilled veggie ‘n mozz sandwich was lovely.


And their last day we had yet another brunch at Acme, which was amazing.

Malindi, showing that she is a confident woman not easily intimidated, ordered the special, in which they made a salmon hand pie (!) by filling a pastry crust with salmon and various cheeses and creaminess. Then took that salmon hand pie and topped it with poached eggs and hollandaise, a la eggs benedict. Then they accompanied that salmon hand pie with hash browns. And salad. And THEN she ordered a side of mac and cheese! (To be fair, I earnestly informed the whole table that Acme has incredible¬†mac ‘n cheese)

Anyway, Malindi was eating this meal for quite a few days


I got the biscuit ‘n gravy (I opted for their hippie veggie gravy which was delicious) ‘n eggs (opted for runny poached, mm). Also with breakfast potatoes and salad. This lasted about two meals, but I won’t admit how close together those two meals were.


And as always when my fun family visited what was the best part was just hanging out with them ‚̧ ‚̧


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