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I have various real blog posts in the work but there’s one with birthday pictures that feels braggy and peppy in a way that doesn’t reflect my feelings of late; and one that’s a reflection on this internship that requires more intellect and organization than I’m currently able to contribute.

Thus, this little postlet.

  • I joined Instagram (Instaham, my sister calls it). You can find me here. It’s public for now, until the inevitable creepers start following me and I have to go private.
  • My internship wraps up next Wednesday. It has gone by pretty quickly! I had a cool milestone the other day. I went on rounds and the medical team was conferring/gossiping about something or other so I left them to that and strolled over to look in one of our babies who was making cute noises. And I realized this was a baby on whom I’d been doing assessments since she was just a tiny little nugget in an incubator getting all her nutrition pumped into her veins. And now she’s a real baby in a crib drinking her mama’s milk from a bottle! She’s still a wee thing, but she is out and about in the world instead of in this weird fake uterus the NICU tries to create for these babies who get evicted too soon from their mamas. Anyway, she’s REAL cute. And it made me happy to think that I, in my small way, contributed to growing that cuteness.
  • I’ve been kind of a Negative Nigel about my singlehood. But hearing some stories about the truly bizarre/pathetic interactions between a good friend of mine and her ex reminded me how the world actually works. It’s not like I’m this single person feeling vaguely lonely; and all the other women are in these blissfully happy relationships with these highly evolved men. As a single person, I’m closer to a happy relationship than someone in an unhappy relationship is. Maybe it’ll happen, maybe not.
  • Over the past few weeks I’ve spent more than a few grim hours ruminating about all the various choices I shouldn’t have made/all the things I should be doing with my life that I’m not.
    • Think about how great things would have been with that that dude this spring if you’d just been cooler and not scared him off with your need for communication, Ileana! Don’t you yearn for your happy days with him, when he’d smoke a bowl in the kitchen while you petted his cat in the living room?!
    • Think about all the deep thoughts you should be writing about while comparing yourself to Pulitzer-prize winning authors and becoming paralyzed with the thought of creating anything!
    • Think about how you are wasting your life by not going out dancing and not online dating and not volunteering and not cooking enough and not traveling!
    • Think about all the individual meals and snacks you should not have eaten in high school!  (<<< yes, that is how I spend my time. Brilliant, right?! SO PRODUCTIVE AND HEALTHY AND SANE).
  • When I was in a particular tailspin last weekend, I realized I was PMSing and took a shower and took a walk and got over myself. A gentle reminder, readers- do what you can to get out of your own head when it’s being unkind to you. My old shrink taught me this acronym: CARESS.
    • CA= Communicate alternatively. Call a friend. Talk to someone in person. Write a poem. Dance out your feelings. Make an art.
    • RE= Release endorphins. Zumba. Walk. Jog. Deep clean your bathroom. Ellipticize. Take a yoga class. Bust out some Burpees.
    • SS= Self soothe. Take a hot bath. Do your nails. Pet your cat. Watch a dumb movie that makes you laugh.
  • The election is still making me all clench-y. This SNL sketch is not directly related to the election but I thought it was a BEAUTIFUL bit of satire done right. I was driving to work one morning after having watched this sketch (for the 6th or so time) the night before and saw a car whose structure was about 25% duct tape and I went CAR TAPE and cackled with laughter and then felt kind of racist and uncomfortable and was like “Oh my God I’m laughing and uncomfortable- this is satire at its finest!” We need more laughs that make us uncomfortable, as a country. We need to engage. Humor is a good way in.

OK that was a brain dump. Maybe back soon.

Here are the kittens. Three (or maybe two, we have a potential adopter looking at them this weekend!) are still available. My aunt is fostering and socializing them right now because she’s the best person in the world. She’s been taking beautiful photos of my little cat models. AREN’T THEY GREAT?!



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