a few days off

Let’s flash back a bit. It’s been a busy, generally pleasant, but also very disorienting a few months.

My recent life chronology:

Let’s chronicle that middle period of time, betwixt internships!

I drove from Wilmington to Carrboro for a few blessed days off.

First things first: I went out for pink wine with some friends at Tandem (tasty but overpriced). Malindi and I split the chickpea fritters, we’re no fools.


And didn’t hate this deviled egg with crab either nom nom.


My sister was minding her roommate’s neurotic miniature greyhound. She licked my arm obsessively for like twenty minutes. It was weird.


I spent a great deal of time doing laundry at my sister’s. Washed allllll the things. I had a broken dryer at my new place (thrilling!) and a whole bunch of sand-covered apparel.

I also used a few days to actually adjust myself to my new home. Putting up curtains. Getting necessary home repairs done (see above: re, dryer, and add pest control tasks and furniture repair and closet organization and so on). Cooking tasty end of summer treats!

Heirloom tomatoes and basil.


Plus mac ‘n cheese with leftover chicken and veg, because I am not a fancy lady 😀


Corn and basil cakes from Eating Well magazine, my FAVORITE SUMMER RECIPE. Plus farmers market tometers.


Panzanella. Can you tell I like summer tomatoes and am sad their season is ending?


I also got a few days with my baby cat child before I sent her off to Grandma’s house to finish out her pregnancy.

A guy came to finally fix the broken dryer. Lola cat did not like that.


I built myself a new, high bed frame from which one can look out the window. Lola liked that a lot!


And I felt like a badass independent woman, building furniture. I got this bed, which I like a lot, and will be pretty easy to disassemble and reassemble should I move in the future, which is CLUTCH, since moving beds, as we all know, is The Worst. Also, Amazon Prime definitely paid for itself and then some with free shipping on this bad boy.

Lola got a few happy days with me in her home in Carrboro. But then I delivered her to my mom’s, to finish out her pregnancy. There was a bit of an adjustment period.


If you can’t read my mom’s handwriting (she was once a news reporter):

Lola escaped from her room, explored the house, then attacked me when I tried to scoop her up. She’s now hiding under Malindi’s bed. Please figure this out.

My mom and I my sister and I all overlapped for, cat drama aside, a few very relaxing days in Virginia. We had tasty treats as a family. My mom made this outrageously delicious three bean and quinoa salad, I made a frittata


We also went out to Cheesetique, because we are a cheese loving family.


And then I began living out of a suitcase, which my next few posts will chronicle!


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