the end of the internship

The end of my internship didn’t feel super crazy in the moment but did a little bit in retrospect. Mainly because it was my third moving experience in many months. Not moving meaning emotional. Moving meaning “moving sh** between places”. Moving some of my stuff down to Wilmington, coming up to Carrboro from Wilmington to move the rest of my stuff from my old apartment to my new house, then moving the stuff I’d moved down to Wilmington back to Carrboro. Oh and I’ll be doing this again in two weeks when I move yet again to Winston Salem for my fall internship (further discussed in the end of this post)

Oh, moving. I am a real freezer hoarder so for me one of the things most annoying about moving is trying to forbid myself to buy new groceries and instead make my way through the freezer stash.

Newman’s white pizza, Trader Joe’s buttery basil cauliflower


I can only kvetch a little bit about the moving I did back and forth between home and Wilmington, because living at the beach for the summer is something everyone should get a chance to do at least once in their lives. It is exquisite.

I maintained my habit of taking a walk on the beach ~2-3 times a week. It was super amazing.

IMG_5926 IMG_5927

I had a typical route I took that led me to the upper end of the Wrightsville Beach strip and back again (a total of ~ 5 miles!) but one day I parked in a different place and mixed up my route and ended up at the other end of the strip and that was beautiful too!

Not just because dimey surfers crossed in front of my camera just when I took the picture 😉


I had more beach visitors- Colton (in the center, looking like an idiot with his hot dog) and his boyf James (in the back) and their crazy friend Kendra (crazy in a good way). Here we are being so cool at Costco.


We basically just ate and vegetated by the water all weekend.

On Sunday we went to an all you can eat breakfast place called Boca Bay. It was all right but I probably wouldn’t go back because their buffet was overly reliant on various kinds of white bread and baked goods and not enough other things, IMO. For example, I found fruit but it was sort of hidden!

First course: a wee fruit bowl, a blintz, lox ‘n toppings, a mushroom croissant (not very good, only ate the mushroom part), eggs Florentine.


Second course: MORE BLINTZ! They were really good. A bit of biscuit and gravy. A bit of a frittata muffin. As you can see, this was not a colorful plate 🙂


Shockingly, this wee bit of yogurt/granola/fruit satisfied my urge for dessert (probably because I was already *@#%&@#ing full)


That gluttony powered me through a very intense workout at the gym. And then (have you noticed how I’ve discussed several meals in a row eaten out? So much for cleaning out the fridge!) I got a green smoothie for a late dinner.


Here are some absurd pictures for you!

We had something called trauma rounds, which are designed to be an interdisciplinary gathering where people from different professions of the hospital hear an expert on a particular health condition to learn to better treat patients. WELL. The one I went to was on snake bites. So okay, relevant, right? North Carolina has venomous snakes! However, the presenter was not a doctor or a surgeon or a maker of anti venom… it was a guy from the Serpentarium, the weird snake zoo in Wilmington. Just this RANDOM DUDE, talking about how he’s been bitten a bunch of times by poisonous snakes (!) and how you shouldn’t do a fasciotomy because it doesn’t do anything, just give them anti venom and “something good for the pain, I really liked Dilaudid”, and then he just pulls out what were basically large tupperwares with DANGEROUS VENEMOUS SNAKES INSIDE and just pulled them out and let them WANDER AROUND ON THE STAGE in this little auditorium where rounds were.



And they always say they’re more scared of you than you are of them but in the case of at least the water moccasin and the timber rattlesnake that was NOT true- they were PISSED and DEFINITELY JUST WANTED TO BITE SOMEONE. Which was particularly disconcerting when they’d go shooting off the stage and INTO THE AUDIENCE, basically inches away from where people were sitting in the first row. It was madness! Hospitals are so intensely preoccupied with safety, and THIS was allowed?! Just ridiculous.



(water moccasin)


Timber rattlesnake, VERY angry and VERY venemous. He said comparable to a cobra.


I also had fun watching the convention and teaching my coworkers about the incredible articles that The Onion publishes about Joe Biden. I’m going to miss them real bad.


The night before my last day of my internship I took one last dreamy beach walk. Low tide continues to be the coolest.


I was smack dab in the middle of two converging tides – see one coming in from the left and one from the right? I think when those tides go out that’s what makes a rip tide… so I was glad to be walking on the beach, rather than swimming in the water. I have a healthy respect for rip tides.


My last day I got a WONDERFUL surprise from the RDs.


Debbie Dietitian= an amusing, old-fashioned term for the cliche Type A, kiss-ass, neurotic, health obsessed, volunteering for any task, uptight, perfectionist, generally annoying dietitian. Fortunately none of my colleagues are Debbie Dietitians (though I saw a LOT of Debbies at my nutrition conference last year). I think really the fact that we concluded my nutrition internship with donuts demonstrates that!

A delivery from Wake and Bake, where I went with my pals when they visited. Many delicious, nutritious choices!


I had the key lime, *swoon*


My life has not slowed down AT ALL since the last week of my internship and I’m feeling my usual state of being excited and overwhelmed at the same time. A few things:

MY FRIEND IS IN THE OLYMPICS. Read all about here here. She got first place in some kind of race this morning. I tried to watch her in one of her heats- I was even at home in Virginia, where there was a TV with CABLE!- but American television does not deign to air Canadians, I guess.

My life is much less exciting. However, since my internship ended I:

  • have finally finished properly moving into my new place in Carrboro.
  • have taken my pregnant cat to finish the rest of her pregnancy and childrearing in the safety of my mother’s home in Virginia. I also got to visit with my mom 😉
  • welcomed my friends Kyle and Shaylen to town- yeah that’s right I am continuing to get ALL THE PEOPLE to move to the Triangle of North Carolina what whattt. So far I have gotten:
    • my friends Dan and Bethany and their bambino
    • my sister
    • my cousin
    • my aunt (well fine she followed her daughter, my cousin, but I can still take credit)
    • Kyle and Shaylen
  • am flying to Chicago this afternoon to be the MAID OF HONOR in my BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING! I’m going to try to post some pictures- since I’m going to have my hair and makeup professionally done (!) I will probably be at my personal maximum level of attractiveness and will want to preserve images for posterity. There will be many celebrations/shenanigans/tasty eats leading up to the big day.
  • am starting my advanced internship next week- have I posted about this? Anyway, I’ll be doing ten weeks in the NICU at a hospital in Winston Salem. Look out tiny babies! Ileana’s coming to fatten you up with good nutrition!

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