almost the end

I was going to write one post about the last few weeks of my internship and then I realized that the post would have been about 50 photos and 10,000 words long. SO. I’m splitting it up into Almost The End and The Actual End. There was lots of soaking up memories.

Proving that I know nothing about tides, what I thought was low tide then just got lower, and I got to have more tide pool adventures on my post-work beach walks.


The water was exceptionally clear, and I got to do a lot of watching for little fishies.


The problem was that I’d walk along the little sandbar, between the crashing waves (Ocean Part 1) and the tidepools (Ocean Part 2), but then the little sandbar would get a little lower and I’d realize I was thigh-deep, holding a purse with my expensive phone, and unsure if I took the next step if I’d be totally submerged. So then I’d backtrack until there was a clear path through Ocean Part 2 to get to Actual Shore and then loop back.



If I had just worn a swimsuit and not brought my phone this would not have been an issue, but there would also not be these lovely photos!

Here is someone demonstrating the Wading Between Ocean One and Ocean Two technique.


So incredible, right! Like the Bahamas! Except in North Carolina!


It must be scary having tiny kids at real beaches with waves and things so this was kind of perfect for those families.

IMG_5849 IMG_5853



In my last weeks down in Wilmington I had to go back and forth back up to Carrboro to check in on this little rascal.



Myra and Alex continue to be amazing friends and I continue to owe them. So I took them to brunch! We went to Elmos, a Carrboro institution that somehow they had not experienced for brunch?! There’s always a wait since everyone and their mama (JK, actually everyone and their CHILD, it is packed with yuppie parents and their bambinos) goes there for brunch.

Alex got red velvet pancakes (!) and requested extra whipped cream (!) and then he put butter on top of that (!!!!) Oh plus bacon on the side hahahahaha.


Myra was also team Whipped Cream.


I went savory and got my faaaaaaavorite thing that they only sometimes have as a special. Behold, the Cowboy Eggs.


  • Jalapeno cornbread
  • Veggie chili with a bunch of cheese melted on top
  • fresh corn
  • scrambled eggs
  • fresh tomatoes, green onions, and sour cream

I think historically the avocado is included but since there’s a shortage (?! where’ve I been?!) I had to order it on the side and pay extra.

I also was dealing with some stupid stuff at home, including pulling my dryer out from the wall into the middle of the kitchen (yes, my dryer is in the middle of my kitchen, isn’t yours?) and inspecting the vent to describe its contents to my landlady. The dryer has been broken since July 1st (since the first time we tried it after moving in- the landlady made a big show of staying at the house before we moved in and assuring us everything was good and we arrived to a horrific cockroach infestation, two leaking faucets, and a broken dryer- lovely). Tomorrow is August 1st, and finally someone is coming to LOOK at it. ANYWAY.


Here’s another cute picture of the cat, to show that I have a happy life and really have no cause for complaint whatsoever.

Photo on 7-17-16 at 2.00 PM #2

And good news for my sister- she has a new house and it has the cutest porch in the land! Here is her boyfriend’s dog, Billie Jean, on squirrel patrol.


That weekend I was up in Carrboro, I went to a cookout with some of my classmates that Zach and Jaclyn were nice enough to host.

As usual, it was a feast. I brought chocolate chip oatmeal bars, in the right foreground.


This is a thing: jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon, then grilled. Whoooooa.


I had about 1/2 a pound of guacamole and 1/2 a pan of chocolate chip oatmeal bars as we were chatting, but I still put away most of this too:

And then of course I had to have dessert. Nate, someone I hope the world never changes, is a boss baker, and kind of improvised this tart based on one from his favorite thing ever, the Great British Baking Show.


It had poppy seed crust (!) lemon filling and fresh blueberries. MMMMM.


Then I went back to Wilmington and wrapped up my adventures. More to come!


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