buddies at the beach

Everyone should really come visit me at the beach because it is quite fun.

I had quite the crew come and visit me over the weekend a few weeks ago. First Sam arrived late Friday night (we both worked a full day and then she drove across the state from Charlotte to meet me). We walked around downtown and got ice cream and then we both admitted we were kind of wiped and were okay with turning in early. Were getting ready for bed and she said “We can have pillow talk after we turn the lights out, right?” and it was just like the girly slumber parties of my youth 🙂 A real advantage of my student housing having two single beds in each room.

Then Saturday morning Claire and Nate arrived to join us too. We immediately proceeded to Kure Beach to eat some seafood. Claire and I split this seafood platter which was perfect for variety and deliciousness. Fried flounder and oysters, sweet potato fries, and grilled asparagus. Unpictured was the free hush puppies our waitress brought the table ❤


Then we got our beach on! Some of the other people from our program who had planned on coming canceled because of the weather, but though it remained cloudy didn’t actually rain while we were on the beach. And the clouds helped prevent sunburn and gave the whole day a kind of dreamy aura.


I actually SWAM, out in deep water, for the first time in recent memory. Something about being with a big group of friends made me less petrified of sharks than I usually am, hahaha. Kure Beach has pretty intense waves so I’m calling it a workout!


There was also frisbee-ing. I somehow ended up in a position where I was downhill from everyone else and when they overshot (which was fairly frequent, since it was a pretty windy day) I’d have to sprint to keep the frisbee from going out to sea. Yet another workout!

IMG_5690 NAYA9854

Sam showed off some gymnastics


Claire and I did our best Ted Cruz Goes to the Beach faces. I missed this girl and our silliness!


Nate made terrible old man puns the whole day so we made him pose in front of this sign.


Then Sam hit the road back to Charlotte to get in one productive day for the weekend, and Claire, Nate and I proceeded to Indochine, which I’d heard all my coworkers/everyone who lives in Wilmington rave about. It was FAR beyond what I thought it would be.

You pull up and it seems like kind of a small, hole-in-the-wall restaurant, but then you’re confused because the parking lot is massive and totally packed. You go through the front door, take a pager (there’s always a long wait!) and then go outside, where you get astounded by all the incredibleness as it just keeps going and going and going!


Here’s Claire and Nate being adorable and posing by the koi pond.


We had about an hour’s wait, so we got some appetizers and sat at the tiki bar.


Then we were seated, indoors, which turned out to be fortunate since the sky opened up and just started pourrrrring rain. The indoors was really cool too- it was clear the owner has a real eye for detail, and there was no corner of the place that didn’t have some cool, unique piece of decor.


Though indoors, we did have a window seat, and for some bizarre reason this BEAUTIFUL man came up to the front porch of the restaurant and ripped off his shirt and stood there shirtless as the rain fell behind him whattttttt?! Nate rolled his eyes as my and Claire’s jaws both dropped to the floor. So WHO KNOWS what you can encounter at this magical restaurant?!

Everyone got a tasty little cabbage slaw with peanuts on top to start off the meal.


Then our entrees came and we all shared some VERY tasty treats. I’ll let Claire’s snapchat screenshot tell the story (don’t I look beautiful?!)


Drunken noodles with tofu, green curry with scallops (the most delicious!), and yellow curry with all kinds of exotic vegetables. The portions were ENORMOUS so this satisfied us for several meals.

We all collapsed into food comas and slept comfortably til the next day. At that point, we were greeted by Zach, Jaclyn, and their doglet Lemon, who drove down for a daytrip. Zachlyn both really love donuts (well and the rest of us don’t hate them either) so our next destination was Wake and Bake, in Carolina Beach. Their selection is COLOSSAL. And they had donut holes to sample while you waited in the (sizeable) line, which was super legit of them. And the guy who helped us was hilarious and (as you’ll see) gave us the most MASSIVE fritter possible.


We got a dozen to go and then preceded to Fort Fisher (the only beach that allows dogs).

We sat in their lovely picnic area and chowed down. Since there were four of us indoors making the selection (Zach took one for the team and minded the dog outside) we each picked out three flavors.



First in the left column, there’s a Butterfinger and two Samoas. Then in the next column, there’s some sort of ridiculous chocolate caramel thing, a key lime pie, and a Reeses peanut butter cup. The next column, an espresso, another key lime pie, and a “Carolina Sand” which was cinnamon sugary. Then in that column furthest to the right is a creme brulee (with crunchy sugar on top!), another espresso, and a red velvet.

The general consensus was that the Reese’s was great but just TOO MUCH. It sort of lost its identity as a donut with the rich filling and the multiple glazes and the peanut butter cup topping. The key lime and Samoa were both EXCELLENT. The cake donuts were good and I wish they had more of them (I am team cake donut, COME AT ME). And the espresso ones were just a bit of a yawn, just because the others were more exciting in comparison.

Also, because we are millenials, everyone took a bazillion pictures.

IMG_5750 IMG_5751

Oh and also, if that wasn’t quit enough fat and sugar, we also got the most enormous blueberry fritter in the world.


Then it was time to get our beach on. We began with a walk in a vain attempt to lower our blood sugars a bit. Lemon was not quite sure about the ocean.


She was sure that she enjoyed digging holes in the sand.

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 3.48.39 PM

SUCH a fun weekend. I really think everyone should take the opportunity to live at the beach for the summer at least once in their life.


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