visit with mama

I was going to blog and then the world made me so sad and I didn’t know how to write about it. I have things going for me that (unfairly) other people don’t to help me cope with the sadness in this world:

  • I am interning at a hospital and get to do  job that actually feels meaningful most days. Like, I get to feel like I help people. It helps with the crippling feelings of helplessness. (<<< those sentences need a thesaurus but you know what I mean). It’s absolutely a privilege to have a job that’s meaningful and provides personal fulfillment. I have  been blessed to have obtained the education (and had the money to get the education) to allow me to do so.
  • I get to go do my deep thinking by the ocean, which is beautiful and peaceful
  • I can always call my mom, who is wise and comforting.

I feel generally gross opining about the state of the world online. I am a privileged white girl. I don’t get it.

So I try to do my thing in the hospital. And I try to do good. And hopefully this blog is a nice benign distraction from the sadness in the world?

Also, maybe some of my mom’s wisdom and comfort will soak through the screen to yall. So here are some pictures from the last time I saw my mom- she came down to Wilmington to see me!

She arrived and after everyone got settled in we went and had dinner downtown by the river. French food, wine, and a killer view.


Then back to the bed and breakfast. Clyde was our buddy in the lobby. Clyde used to have a lady friend (Bonnie, naturally) but she is now in birdie heaven, but Clyde remains.




Clyde, like all birds, is quite the little… excreter. The proprietors of the bed and breakfast have observed that Clyde’s… excretion has been somewhat prophetic in the past. They lay out newspapers with pictures of the presidential candidates in his… bathroom area and see who he chooses to… mark.

And he is really good at it!


Clyde, you’d better keep doing what you’re doing, champ.

Other activities included getting massages (!) and going to the aquarium. It was lovvvvvvvely. They have a little butterfly pavilion. It’s flippin hot but the butterflies are beautiful and you really get a front row view.


And all the other sea creatures are amazing too, of course.


Two of my favorites, jellies and seahorses.


My mom took pictures of me throughout our weekend, most of which were too derpy to post (I then taught my mom the word derpy) but here I am in action.


Is it macabre going from an aquarium to a seafood lunch? Iunno. We did it anyway. I lovvvvvvve soft shell crab! (And french fries too, hahaha. It’s funny, I never enjoy classy restaurant fries as much as I enjoy cheapo crinkle cut fries).


Then we went to my favorite, most deserted beach. Big waves, so a little scary for swimming, but beautiful for walking. Lots of swooping pelicans. Here’s my mom looking adorable.


VERY EXCITING. Sea turtle nest!


More seafood- we had a casual dinner at Dock Street Oyster bar. My mom’s squid was quite inventive looking so I snapped a pic.


Then we got more ice cream. We went to Kilwin’s twice in the same weekend, because vacation (or I suppose staycation in my case). I got the same combo both times, because if it aint broke don’t fix it: half peanut butter pie, half smore. Swoon!



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