migrating back and forth

Whoosh I’ve been such a nomad this summer. My life has been all over the place so this post will be all over the place.

First, here is a picture of me looking nice.

Photo on 6-5-16 at 2.19 PM

I actually did my hair and makeup for Myra and Alex’s wedding, and since that level of attention to my personal appearance takes place (maybe) twice a year, it’s good to document for posterity. I actually took this photo to get my sister’s approval of my whole look (this was in the immediately pre wedding “Oh *@#% I’m about to have to interact with the dude I dated for four years and his new girlfriend” state of nausea). She approved, though recommended I add another layer of mascara, which I did. Also, noted: primer is kind of amazing. My stepmother gave me a sample of it (she tries so hard to get me to try a little, haha) and it does make applying makeup sooo much easier and everything looks more even.

So took that mega journey from the wedding in the mountains to a pit stop in the Triangle to move more things back to the coast (a total of 6.5ish hours of driving in one day, eesh!).

And now I’m 8 weeks down, four to go, in my internship. Life at the beach, interning my little heart out with hospitalized patients at nutritional risk, continues to be good. I might have a reflective post in a few days about not coming in with the knowledge of quite how much death and despair I would contend with on a daily basis. But I’m learning a lot, and I’m helping people, and I do see the occasional medical miracle.

I’m also continuing to love the beach. I’ve had some wonderful visits with friends and family (see posts to come) and also still go by myself after work quite a bit. It never doesn’t make me feel good. Even when I feel sad, it’s a more pure and satisfying sadness when I process it on the beach, if that makes sense?


Can anyone identify this bird?! Please and thank you. Tried looking ’em up to no avail.


Sometimes when I’m at the beach I get a real bad craving for seafood and buy myself an oh-so-heart-healthy Southern dinner.


But mostly I’ve cooked healthy-ish. Here is an attractive brunch I made: fresh cherries (I’ve just been eating tons of ’em), whole wheat buttermilk pancakes from Kodiak mix, and veggie buffalo chicken nuggets. Random but tasty.


As for food on the road, my challenges in all the trips between the beach and the Triangle contending with moving are:

  1. I’m totally addicted to caffeine now
  2. I’ve been rubbish at meal planning up in Chapel Hill, PLUS all the moving related stuff is exhausting

So, I’ve spent a lot of money on going out to eat.


At Johnnys, my fave coffee shop, with an iced latte, an egg and cheese biscuit, and a provocatively titled newspaper to read.


My last meal in the squalor of the old place was a frozen pizza. I put the damn leftovers in a tupperware with every intention of eating them (this was Trader Joe’s VERY TASTY frozen pizza with kale, sweet potato, butternut and parmesan) and then left ’em when I drove back down to the beach. So I sent my roommate an imploring text begging her not to let the pizza go to waste.


More moving stuff: my cousin and her hubs helped me move (mostly her hubs, since my cousin is about seven months pregnant right now, hahaha. She was such a trooper, carefully carrying light items in one hand while gingerly holding the hand rail on the steep stairs at the old place. Sitting in the car while Mike help me set up stuff at the new place since I’d just had it treated by the exterminator and she didn’t want her little baby boy growing extra limbs).

I rewarded them with that oh-so-traditional someone-helped-you-move meal, pizza. Enhanced with delicious garlic knots.


The next morning, before hitting the road again, I once again spent too much money on food at Weaver Street Market, where I enjoyed a REALLY tasty blueberry pancake with berry compote, baked apples, and a tasty tofu scramble. Plus a cafe au lait.


Then I went back to the beach, for a few more weeks, then turned around and drove back up to the Triangle again.

Preview as to why:

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 3.40.59 PM

Yepppppp. Anyone remember reading my post earlier this year how I recounted how disgustingly busy I’d be this summer?

Did anyone go, “Gosh, she really should rescue a cat in the middle of it”?!

Well that happened. The saga is ongoing, but will merit a blog post soon. At some point I’ll also try to share some pictures of the new house. Now that the roaches are dying off, it’s easier to appreciate things like the blackberry bushes in the front yard, the abundant closet space, the spacious kitchen, and the lovely wood floors.

In the meantime, here’s the dinner Lola the cat watched me make (and begged for some of) last night. More overspending at Weaver Street Market!

  • Bread (from my freezer, a single concession to economy)
  • Tomato
  • fresh mozzarella ❤
  • Basil (from our new yard!!!!!)


Plus olive oil, salt, and pepper. Tasted like summer. It’s a crazy summer, but I’m still glad it’s summer!


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