oh i do like to be beside the seaside

Whew I had a busy week at the cancer center and now I’m back in the Triangle packing up my apartment (!!) since I’m a genius and will be moving on weekends since our lease is up before I’m done with my internship 2 1/2 hours from home. BRILLIANT.

Let’s talk about beach life.

Another day, another beach to try. Last Friday night I went to a new beach where the waves were a little intense for swimming but the walking was legit.

I saw pelicans divebombing the water, fishing for their dinner, and it was so cool I wanted to cry. GIF’d above for your viewing pleasure.

There was something satisfyingly old fashioned about this particular beach. Including FREE PARKING! What a luxury. And bubble gum pink motels, and a slow paced downtown with fishing piers and arcades.

I feel so much affection towards my fellow beach goers. Sweet families with their umbrellas. Dudes with metal detectors, livin’ the dream. Women in giant Tshirts with giant bassett hounds on them.




Then, because I am an awesome independent women, I took myself to a beachside dinner at a cute little cafe where there was live music and this sweet, megatanned waitress who called my “baby”.


I sat at the bar and got a comically enormous fried oyster po’ boy and sweet potato fries. And a redheaded welder chatted me up as he smoked several Marlboros hahahaha. It was fun.


(that sandwich was ENORMOUS. I ate all the oysters and maybe 1/3 of the sweet potato fries and then admitted defeat).

Another day another seaside adventure. As you’ll recall I had a super cool social engagement visiting the aquarium with my cousin’s daughter’s girl scout troop. They were having their end of year party and got to go on a backstage tour of the aquarium and do some educational activities.

We got to meet a baby alligator! They name the lil guys after the patterns in the scales on their back and this little fella was named BUBBLES. A BABY ALLIGATOR NAMED BUBBLES.


We also saw a bored looking albino snapping turtle hanging out behind the scenes.


And a seahorse nursery ❤ ❤ ❤

Also, for some reason there is a large selection of animatronic dinosaurs in the courtyard outside the aquarium! So that was very entertaining.


Another weekday beach stroll. When you park in the public lot, go to the beach, turn left, then walk for an hour, here is where you arrive! The end of the beach!


At low tide there are all these mysterious marks in the sand- little critter trails?


The crowds drift away and by this point I pretty much had the beach to myself. AMAZING. It’s hard to even describe what it’s like to be able to go walk by the water whenever I want, for hours at a time (the perk of having to be at work at 7:30am is that you get out at a reasonable hour and then, in the summer at least, have a couple hours of sunlight to do with what you will).


My blood pressure has definitely lowered since I’ve been living by the water. I just walk and walk and my thoughts melt away.

Something that’s struck me over and over is how abundant life is when you look for it. With the retreat of this wave, tiny little shelled creatures wiggle wiggle wiggle to redisappear under the sand. Tiny little fishies come in with the waves and then zoom out as they ebb. The ocean itself is this incredible vital force that seems alive with all these tiny little microcurrents smacking into one another.

And this little sandpiper, who I swear was posing.


I’m really happy walking on the beach alone, thinking thoughts. Sometimes I worry I’m getting too antisocial. I think I’m comforted by the fact that this is a temporary summer internship and that I have family and friends and a more social life back in the Triangle. If this were all of my life, I’d probably be lonely.

But, seeing all the goodness, nature in its perfect symmetry, life in abundance, is really good for me. There are really no guarantees (and believe me, working at a hospital- and particularly spending my most recent week in the cancer center- assures you of that on a daily basis) but it’s also nice to see this perfect little ecosystem, designed by God. It’s nice to know I can be alone and have this lovely world to keep me company.



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