internship life

My brain is vair tired after a long day, and I have to be back at the hospital at 7:30am tomorrow, but I wanted to pop in and share how excited I am about my clinical internship!

QUICK highlights:

  • The dietitians had a welcome breakfast for me. It was SO NICE!
  • On the subject of food, I’ve given my brain a break from cooking duty this week because it has enough to contend with. Lunches have been Trader Joe’s premade salads, dinners have been avocado toast with a smear of hummus. (Or, full disclosure, one night, a no utensil affair of veggies dipped in hummus and handfuls of peanut butter pretzels).
  • The team seems very cohesive where I am. All women (duh, as is 93% of our profession). There’s a manager (my preceptor, who I’ll get to shadow on a management rotation) and twelve dietitians. The dietitian I’m working with this week has a cat of the day calendar, so obviously we get along.
  • My rotations will start off more general (literally, right now I’m in general medicine) and get more specific. I’m particularly excited to spend time in pediatrics and outpatient oncology. Well excited is the wrong word but seeing specialists and the kind of expertise they have to work in those areas is going to expand my knowledge a lot.
  • I have already filled out two patient progress notes! Like a real dietitian! Saying what ought to be done for those patients’ care!
  • Then I got BEEPED about one of them! It was really scary! I felt like I was on Grey’s Anatomy! It was blessedly anticlimactic. Me: “HELLO YES YOU PAGED ME?! WHICH PATIENT HAS A PROBLEM?!?!?!?!” Nurse: “Oh yeah we had a question about fluids but then you said ask nephrology about fluids, so we asked nephrology about fluids.” Me: “OKAY SORRY THANK YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY THANKS GOD BLESS YOU GOODBYE.”

Obviously my communication skills are weak at the mo, plus fear of HIPAA violations is going to prevent me from talking about my day to day activities anyway. So, here are some pictures of the WALK ON THE BEACH I took YESTERDAY AFTER GETTING OUT OF WORK. It is quite extraordinary, walking on a virtually empty beach before the tourist season has picked up at 6:30pm or so after a day of work.

Old hotel.


Crazy kite surfer.


I TOTALLY SAW DOLPHINS FISHING FOR THEIR DINNER. It was the best thing that has happened to me in some time. By pointing my phone at the water and clicking over and over I think I actually managed to capture a dolphin in this picture- basically in the exact center. Click on the photo and then zoom in between the two whitecaps and peer a little closer to the horizon. See?!



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