I survived!

Two days before my comprehensive masters exam in public health nutrition:

For reasons best understood by her, our student services manager scheduled mandatory department picture day. It was a use of time we really would’ve preferred for other things (LIKE STUDYING). We fantasized about smiling like Ted Cruz for the picture.

(I’m telling you, we are obsessed with Ted Cruz’s weirdness. Please don’t take this as an endorsement of anything Ted Cruz says or believes though, okay?)

(Also, Jaclyn on the right is from Texas as well and I think she just really channels him)


Later on Thursday, two days before comps, the teacher I’ve been working with to arrange my advanced nutrition internship, in her infinite wisdom and tact, announced that the plan we’d been working on for months for the internship had fallen through and we had to start all over again. HURRAY. Imma think about that later.

I felt not particularly great, due to mental exhaustion and that crappy news. My roommate had also had a frustrating day. So we wrapped ourselves up in fleece blankets and binge watched The OC.


One day before my comprehensive exam in public health nutrition:

I had my last meeting with our study group. It is DISGUSTING that we are called upon to memorize things like this.


Then I met up with Steph to study a bit more at her place (but first she made me a grilled cheese ❤ ❤ <3)

Thank God for Max, her roommate’s cat who’s just the greatest little guy in the whole world. Carefully monitoring neighborhood security.




We studied for awhile and then my brain was so so tired but I also didn’t want to sit alone in my house. So I stayed at Steph’s and we watched Atonement ❤ After a bit her boyf (well fiance actually) Eric came home and the girls were watching Atonement and the boy was flying around his drone in the backyard annoying their pet chickens. It was adorable.

On the day of my comprehensive masters exam in public health nutrition:

My neighbor’s dog woke me up barking hysterically at 7am. Lovely. I lied around in bed being angry but not getting back to sleep. Then I gave up and got up and sang When Doves Cry in the shower. I stopped at my fave coffee shop and got a veggie breakfast burrito and a cappuccino. Then who should step up to the counter but my advisor and epi professor, who gave me a hug and told me she’d be sending intelligence vibes my way (WHICH IS GOOD CAUSE HER SECTION OF THE EXAM WAS THE HARDEST BY FAR).

I then meandered over to Steph’s again, bringing along a hot chocolate for her, and we embarked from there to walk to our test (SO SMART, getting fresh air and exercise prior to sitting in a sterile room with banks of computers; but also serious FOMO looking at all the people sitting outside eating brunch and enjoying the beautiful spring day).

I took the exam. Boring story.

Then it was celebration time! I got home and was exhausted and befuddled. Fortunately, I ran into my cute six year old neighbor and sat outside with him for awhile, admiring his nerf gun and discussing our favorite kinds of dogs. He always wants to come in my house and jump on my furniture, so I let him come in for a bit and he made me listen to Daft Punk (haha what a weird kid right?!)

Then my girl Camille came by. We put together the best kind of dinner, things dipped in things (triscuits, bell peppers, green apples, bread; dipped in hummus and baked brie). Alli, the best roommate in the land, gifted us with a bottle of the finest Barefoot champagne and we toasted and toasted.

We next took a delicious evening walk to Weaver Street Market where we ended up meeting with some friends intentionally and more friends unintentionally (it was a glorious evening to be outside). There was ice cream and snackage and merriment. There was a cute black lab named Alice sitting by us begging to be petted so that was a highlight as well. Here I am sandwiched between two of my best compatriots, Helena (demolishing some strawberry rhubarb pie) and Camille.


The evening continued and then somehow I ended up hanging out with that dude again… I know, I know. I decided that in the individual circumstances of yesterday (a still-racing brain that hadn’t comprehended yet that its vigilance could at last turn down) hanging out on a weird guy’s couch watching horror movies and drinking red wine was what I wanted to do. And it really was quite fun.

As for today (the day after my comprehensive master’s exam in public health nutrition) I have a massage booked for four pm 😀 Life is good!


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