It is actually difficult for me to remember my life before I was studying for comps. What did I do with my time? I was probably bored and lonely. Now I am  busy and exhausted, but also fundamentally bored because studying nutritional biochem around the clock and memorizing tiny details about enzymes and hormones and things is not exactly a thrill.

Because photos of me hunched in front of my computer are decidedly non-entertaining, I’ll share some pictures of my best study buddies.

Steph’s roommate’s cat Sam:



Also, Helena is a freaking GEM and made EVERYONE in our class a comps care package. Other people got cute cartoon pictures of themselves on their cards. I got a picture of a ginger cat 🙂 She knows me well!


Some of the tasty contents:


She also included a little factoid in everyone’s care package:




(She also included a lovely voodoo doll, which is a private joke but made me very amused)

I had Helena over for a study date and (woefully trying to measure up to her generosity) fed her dinner: my homemade French onion soup topped with cheesy bread, and some of Trader Joe’s finest salad: greens, bleu cheese, craisins, candied pecans and raspberry dressing.


More school stuff: despite the fact that nothing from our stupid food science class will be covered on comps we still had to complete a rather large assignment for it in the midst of all our comps studying. My group adapted a taco recipe for people with chronic kidney disease. Actually, I guess creating this recipe did lead to us reviewing CKD for comps, which was a worthwhile pursuit. Our technique was all about limiting protein, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and calcium.

Anyway, my group created this taco recipe in which we swapped ground beef for chicken thighs (lower in phosphorus and also just a healthier choice), bulked up the filling with flavorful but low-phosphorus and low sodium mushrooms, made homemade taco seasoning with way less sodium, etc.

Carolina got out her fancy camera to take a classy picture of our taco makeover:


Here’s my crappy iPhone version hahaha. The rest of the group ate these for dinner. I, still Lent-ing it, had sauteed vegetables over shredded lettuce. It wasn’t bad, hahaha.


So just assume that most of my life is studying but here are some amusing pictures of non studying aspects of my life.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the patriarchy. It is alive and well. Dudes on the bus just do not think about how they take up other people’s space the way women do. (This bro’s backpack kept smashing me in the face).


I’ve been trying to get my nature on. I met my friends and their kiddo at Honeysuckle Tea House, my first time back there since they reopened for the spring. I love it so much.


The beautiful black lab was fulfilling his greeting duties, as usual. All he wants is for you to throw him the tennis ball. The hyper children running around in a mob were happy to comply with his wishes.


Such a cool place.


There was also one blessed day where it had rained earlier in the day and the sun came out and that meant temporarily LOW POLLEN AND I COULD ACTUALLY TAKE A WALK! I needed it to clear my head after a lottttt of studying.

I saw this sweet sign. Oh, Carrboro.


I’ve also been maintaining my habit of taking a walk in between food science lecture and lab to tone down my irritability and get some fresh air (pollen-y air, but I suck it up and deal with the snottiness that ensues).

The arboretum is still flippin’ gorgeous.


I’ve also been playing dress up preparing for the gazillion weddings I’m attending this summer. (Well, three. Would be four but I cannot fly to Mexico in the first week of my clinical internship to see my cousin tie the knot, alas).

Normally sane people go a little cuckoo when they get married. I adore Myra and Alex but it’s a little out of character for them to uh, send every single one of their wedding guests (not just people in the wedding party. All of the guests!) a color scheme in which they must dress. Naturally, I owned no clothes in those colors (I am a Mediterranean olive-skinned lady, I don’t have anything peach…) so I went to Target and consulted my boo Andrea (who was blessedly in town) whether this dress was wedding appropriate. She said it was and I could dress it up. We’ll see. Anyway, it’s part of the color scheme, oy.

2016-03-26 14.36.02

Meanwhile my bestie Lydia is tying the knot and is way at the other end of the spectrum and even though I’m the maid of honor she is just like “Wear whatever you want! Maybe something that’s like a garden party!”

So I went through my closet and went, uh, here’s my most garden party-esque dress…


And she said well hm actually that might clash with the flowers which are purple and blush.


Meanwhile, I am somewhat hilariously waitlisted for my friend Steph’s wedding, whose venue limits the number of people she can invite. She said if one more person backs out I’ll get to go hahahahahahahahaha. I’m choosing to find this funny rather than insulting- weddings are tough, money is weird, parents are weird.

If I do go, perhaps I’ll wear this, which I got from a clothing swap and feel hot in! (I took like fourteen pictures to get this one, which is not very high quality hahahaha. I have no hidden talents for taking selfies).


Another clothing swap purchase which I’m SOOOOOO tempted to wear to something even though I can barely walk in them and look like a stripper:


Finally, this past weekend (which marked T minus 7 days til comps!) I decided I needed a break and took myself for an adventure at Goathouse Cat Refuge.

I was too busy hugging the cats to take pictures of any of them but I did get this shot of the goat who enthusiastically ignored me as I begged him for his friendship.


Then I was close to Pittsboro, so I went to Phoenix bakery to get my cousin donuts for her birthday the following day. I also got this monster of a pecan bun for myself <3<3<3 I ate it in two installments, it was enormous!


Then I got a killer period headache and was out of commission for the rest of the day Saturday! Sometimes our bodies are what make the decision that we’re done studying for awhile.

Finally, one of the weirdest, funnest things I have been involved in:

My mother sent me the link to this absolute GEM of Ted Cruz’s bad lip reading. Being someone who likes to bring joy to the lives of others, I have shared it with many people. My friend Claire and I have started to run away with it, communicating now almost exclusively in quotes from Ted Cruz bad lip reading.


And it’s transformed into something where we just enthusiastically follow all ridiculous Ted Cruz related news (Ted Cruz seems to invite these things, what with the dildo ban and being ignored by his fellow Republicans at that fundraising dinner and the ex college roommate who hates him and stuff).

This story, a relatively benign one about his bizarre love for Campbell’s soup, lead to the exchange of these priceless photos.

I sent her this:

Messages Image(578860125)

To which she MAJORLY raised the stakes and responded with this:


You gotta get the laughter where you can, man. Thanks, Ted Cruz.


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