semi-recent goings on


I made homemade French onion soup for the first time. I had homemade broth, I had onions to caramelize…


I threw in some mushrooms too…


I didn’t have the traditional baguette and gruyere but I had whole wheat English muffins and various cheese bits in my fridge.




Other random meals: snack plate of carrots ‘n hummus, homemade tortilla chips and mashed avocado, Greek yogurt for protein.


Scrambled eggies with tomato and cheese.


Toasties topped with hummus and Trader Joe’s killer feta spread, kale chips.


Nachos! “Nachos”. Bean chips (so good! and more protein and fiber), lunch meat, cheese. More avocado.


Weaver Street market, when I feel my veggies are lacking. Beans, Caribbean collards (which have yuca in them and are boss), polenta, beets, creamed spinach. Ate this in two meals, as I recall.


Outdoor living:

For awhile there I was taking LOTS of evening walks.


And making LOTS of new cat friends.

IMG_4563 IMG_4569

Then this happened: the annual North Carolina OH MY GOD THERE’S POLLEN EVERYWHERE situation. Super gross when you think about the fact that it’s essentially tree sperm. Also, I am violently allergic to it.


There’s an app for that. And it’s bleak.


Time with friends:

I went to the school cafeteria at UNC (!) for the first time with my friend Leesie to catch up. This is not a good picture but I had to share it because THIS WAS MY SIGNATURE SALAD! In college, I ate this for lunch alllllll the time. It is quite tasty:

  • spinach
  • feta
  • kidney beans
  • broccoli
  • red onion
  • cherry tomatoes
  • oil and vinegar


And because UNC’s caf is FANCY, I also got a bit of sushi with my salad!


And had a bowl of lucky charms for dessert 🙂 ah, college life.

Then things started going in a super lame direction with the dude I’d been kind of sort of seeing? And wow my friends are really excellent and did a good job of distracting me.

Alli (the greatest roommate who has ever lived) gave me flowers, chocolates, and an AMAZING Easter Bunny Pug card.


Colton, my fellow TA and work wife, invited me over and fed me a superfoods lunch of baked salmon and homemade sweet potato oven fries.


After we ate he was basically like, “Please don’t tell anyone I am secretly this nice or secretly eat this healthily. It will ruin my reputation”. Hahahaha.

Jaclyn invited me over to watch The West Wing and play with her adorable dog. This was when Jaclyn was trying to lure Lemon onto the couch with a toy. Every time she succeeded, I’d frantically attempt to hug Lemon and Lemon would run away. LOVE ME LEMON.


She is SO SO CUTE!


And let the record state, later in the evening I got her to spoon with me on the floor. Oh, animals. The best.

When Helena heard about my boy woes, she said, “Can I take you on a date?” And I was like “OH MY GOD YES.” It ended up being (American) Easter Sunday (mine isn’t til May 1st). We went to the beautiful Rue Cler. I began with some delicious coffee.


And admired their decor, which was a mix of Frawnch classiness and cool Durham repurposed tobacco warehouse vibe.


We both got the special of the day, a crepe filled with tomatoes and caramelized onions and mushrooms and cheese topped with two poached eggs. She opted for the fries, I for the salad. The salad was actually sublime- that perfect rich yet tangy French-style vinaigrette.


Then another night- and this was less about boy drama by this point and more about school drama and not having gotten to see each other in weeks and having tried to plan a get together for months that didn’t work out until this particular evening- Melissa and I went to Starlight Mead. We tried the new mead they were debuting and also had some snacks- since it was on April Fool’s Day, this was the “sushi”. Adorbs!


Then we got dinner at Carolina Ale House and man oh man you’d never guess these were nutrition students. Shrimp and grits and spinach and artichoke cheesy dip ❤



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