The baby sis and I went out to celebrate last Friday night…


CAUSE HOMEGIRL GOT INTO UNC! I don’t think I had mentioned this on le blog, but my sister applied- and was successfully accepted!- to my VERY SAME nutrition and public health program at UNC! Hollllaaaaaaaaaa!

We sat on a lovely patio for a celebratory dinner. Glasshalffull has one of the prettiest outdoor spaces in Chapel Hill/Carrboro, IMO.


I invited my classmates along, and my friend and (adorably!) her younger brother (who happened to be visiting for the weekend) opted in. Sibling Love Dinner Celebration!

I let Malindi, the guest of honor, choose what she and I ordered. We both got a glass of bubbly to kick off the evening.

Then we split some fried fishies (foreground)…


… and some cauliflower fritters. Noms!


And then since the booze and the fried food weren’t quite enough of an indulgence to celebrate someone’s acceptance to a nutrition program, we each got our own dessert.

Malindi got a gorgey cherry crisp, which nice and tart, with lovely ice cream atop. It was gluten free… as was my dessert actually; it seems that they try to make that the default option which is nice for the Celiac-ers of the world.


I got the key lime tart (crumbly crust hidden beneath the lime curd). That big dollop on top was super dense whipped cream.


If I had one complaint to make about the desserts at Glasshalffull, it’s that they’re a little huger than they need to be. Yes, seriously, I just complained that a dessert was too large.

Anyway, then we took a nice cat break, because every celebratory occasion should have a cat.

Now, Malindi has her own little guy.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 10.39.22 PM

Notice how Luke (or Mearl, as Malindi calls him much of the time, since when he meows it sounds like meeeeerrrrrl and is such a cute sound it literally brings me to tears sometimes) is surrounded by slippers and foam. Where did the foam come from, you ask? Guess.

But even though Malindi had a kitteh waiting for her in Raleigh, I brought her to come meet Lucy, the somewhat moody deeply chunky cat I was minding.

Lucy tends to be unimpressed.


Despite Lucy’s mercurial temperament, Malindi sat around petting her looking like an ANGEL.


Then Lucy went a little nuts and hissy. “Crazy Eyes misses you”, I texted her human.



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