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Lately my life has been so enjoyable. How lucky am I, dude?! I have just experienced another delightful weekend and have yet to chronicle the previous one.

Let’s start with my adorable hairy nephew. I had a slumber party with him (a slumber party in which I had to boot him out of my room because he wants to party too much). The next morning he came in my bed for cuddles/crazy eyes.


Malindi and her boyf are trying to train him *not* to attack everyone’s hands all the time. I am ostensibly trying to help them in this effort (though it’s tough because it’s SO CUTE when he nips you and doesn’t hurt!) The current goal is to encourage him to bite his unicorn rather than his human friends.


As always, I’ve been taking a billion long walks. I’ve already had to bust out the Claritin but allergy season is not yet unbearable in NC (as it will be in April, when everything ever gets coooooooooovered in yellow pollen- essentially tree sperm- and it’s super gross).

I went to visit the field where the UNC mascot and his sheep friends live.


That phrase “black sheep” is no joke. It’s very cliquey in the sheep world.


An extremely fun Saturday night:

First, I cooked for my friends (I felt like Myra and Alex had been feeding me a ton and I needed to reciprocate- and also felt like cooking something ambitious!)

Sauteed carrot matchsticks and creamed kale:


AS WE WERE SITTING DOWN TO EAT, in a magical moment, my neighbor brought over DELICIOUS homemade fried rice as a thank you for driving her kiddo to school one morning when she had car trouble which she did NOT EVEN HAVE TO DO but was very nice.


So it turned out to nicely round out what I’d cooked: the homemade polenta with which I’m currently obsessed, those veggies, and Tofurkey sausage.


THEN we were off to a talent show birthday party! The emcee had EPIC stilettos he borrowed from a drag queen on whom he’d written an ethnography (gosh people are so interesting in this town!)


Talents were myriad. Some highlights included a demonstration of this cat keyboard


Which you can try for yourself here:

Just try typing any of the letters on the left side of your keyboard and enjoy 🙂

Myra and Alex, who I’d brought along, had fortunately cultivated an AMAZING talent earlier in the month for a Burns Night celebration: Alex memorized Robert Burns’ ode to the haggis in a semi-convincing Scottish accent and Myra translated it into common language. So they recreated it at this talent show, borrowing a few more drag queen props (that “haggis” in Alex’s hand is actually a fake boob). It was super silly.


Alli told the story of the Three Little Pigs in spoonerisms (so the Three Pittle Ligs) with the help of some friends to act out the story (pictured at left is the Wig Bad Bolf).


Jeslyn and Karin played Kiss from a Rose on kazoos and did a dance with LED lightup gloves. Wearing turquoise leggings. It was amazing as it sounded (unpictured was the person doing rhythmic gymnastics in the background)


My roommate’s ex boyf, who’s quite bearded now, did a semi-homoerotic performance of Starman by the late (*sniff*) David Bowie with his buddy.


It was a super cool night! I love hanging out with talented people!

The following week (as we now catch up in real time) also featured the birthdays of Colton and Steph, two of my favorite people. A bunch of us went to the delicious Al’s Burger Shack to celebrate.

I got a mini of the classic burger (they do local, no hormone, no antibiotic beef, sweet!) and split what turned out to be a MEGA portion of sweet potato fries with my friend Sam.


Colton is my work wife/school spouse/biochem boo. I like biochem boo because we’re the TAs for biochem together. Clearly we are deeply in love.


(ugh, don’t I kind of have Donald Trump’s facial expression in that picture?!)

Helena was adorable and figured out a way to recreate birthday candles with only savory foods around:

  • poke a french fry in the top of a burger
  • put a ketchup flame on top of it
  • the birthday celebrant makes a wish and bites off the ketchup tip


Also, the manager came by and I went IT’S COLTON AND STEPH’S BIRTHDAYS and got them free ice cream sandwiches, which is always nice.

Then the midweek fun continued! I went to the snazzy new theater to see The Witch with the dude I’ve been hanging out with.

The fancy new theater is SO NICE!


Ahhh, leg room.


The Witch wasn’t jump out of your seat scary, as I was sort of hoping for… it was more psychological. But good. And the evil goat was excellent, as all the reviews have been saying, hahahaha.

And then the week ended on a joyful note: after class on Friday Colton, Helena, and I scampered to downtown Carrboro to celebrate the opening of the newest branch of Rise.


Rise has these things:


And these things:



I confess to feeling slightly heartbroken that the huevos rancheros biscuit has yet to make it onto the Carrboro location’s menu (both Helena and I had read it online and really wanted it!) but I persevered.

This was a biscuit with scrambled egg, cheese, and tomato. It was really really good- the biscuit was fluffy, the egg was cooked just right, the tomato actually tasted fresh, the cheese was nice and melty. There’s something to be said for simplicity done right.


Colton got a biscuit with sausage gravy, which looked real good.


And Helena got the biscuit with fried green tomato, pimiento cheese, and arugula (!!!!!!) which as you can see was beautiful.


Natch, we got donuts too. Everyone’s first choice was out (no creme brulee, no carrot cake, alas) so Colton got an old fashioned and Helena and I split an apple fritter.


And then I made myself a very serious donut mustache.



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