I eat food.

I try to eat healthy food.

Here are some of the foods I have recently eaten.

As I look at the pictures, I realize that they indicate quite a love affair happening with avocado.

The variety plate, heavily contributed to by Trader Joe’s:


Whole wheat sunflower toast topped with tomato basil hummus, a hard boiled egg, a reduced fat organic string cheese, and on the side the frozen cauliflower I’ve been crushing on.

It’s in a buttery basil sauce and is yummy.


This was when I had some cold or other (what else is new) and was pounding tea and Airborne. This is the first of many incarnations of a chicken I roasted, below. I made a nice lil rosemary gravy to go with it, and on the side I had some buffalo cauliflower.


It’s the recipe for the buffalo cauliflower I’ve made before and I used a new kind of hot sauce and it ended up being MUCH MUCH MUCH hotter than the Texas Pete style stuff I’d used in the past and even with plain Greek yogurt on top it was kind of too hot and killed my tongue. So I did not eat all of that. I bequeathed the rest of the batch to Malindi, who really loved it and is clearly a tougher woman than I.


Reappropriated roasted chicken take one:

– whole wheat penne
– REALLY YUMMY kale pesto with nuts and kale and lots of garlic and such
– shredded roasted chicken (hidden among the green pesto)


Alex had made kale pesto earlier in the week and thus I must credit him for this dish’s inspiration.


Then I took a chicken break and a detour to childhood: ants on a log! Plus my friend’s DELICIOUS homemade bread (it had cardamom in it) and DELICIOUS homemade hummus.


Back to the chicken! I made a curry. I wrote about it on Facebook so this is a nice lazy blogger copy paste of a recipe-ish:

I took the chicken meat off the bone and used the chicken bones to make stock (threw them in a crockpot with some onion tops, carrot tops, and a celery heart). I sauteed about a cup each of diced onions and celery in coconut oil, then added some chopped ginger and garlic, then added maybe a tablespoon of Madras curry powder (nice stuff from the Indian store, no weird crap in it) and let it get toasty and aromatic. Then I added maybe 4 cups chopped butternut squash and tossed it around in the spices. Then I turned off the stove and went to the gym while the crockpot did its thing on the chicken bones. Now I have put some of the newly-made chicken broth into the pan with the veggies and curry powder and am going to simmer the butternut squash until tender. Then I added a can of coconut milk and my cooked chicken, heat all that up, and tasted it

I finished seasoning it with salt (I hadn’t added any to the stock so it was much needed), fish sauce, and rice vinegar (it would’ve been lemon but even though I swear I bought some it was MIA). The curry was AMONG THE MOST DELICIOUS THINGS I HAVE EVER MADE..


Another classic meal: tomato soup and grilled cheese. Terrif.


Also sometimes I buy things when it’s all TOO MUCH.

I think even though all the things above were fairly virtuous I also went through a phase where I was eating poorly, probably around my biochem test, as these things tend to go.

When studying stress is at maximum level I tend to go to Weaver Street Market to get a plate of vegetables to hold off scurvy.

This was mushroom rice pilaf, curry broccoli, sauteed green beans with shredded turnips and carrots and coconut, yellow lentil dal, and baked tofu.


I really love avocado toast and was making it when I was home over the holidays and my sister called it “hipster nonsense” hahahahahaha.

WHATEVER. I got a Whole Foods gift card for Christmas from my dad (yessssss!) so I bought fancy yogurts and avocados and things. This was a delicious meal. Siggi’s 2% pumpkin spice yogurt is legit.


Also, wow, #basicwhitegirl.

Oooh oooh this was good and pretty.
– corn tortillas, toasted
– smeared with black bean hummus
– topped with shredded cheese
– topped with sliced avocado
– topped with diced bell pepper tossed with red pepper flakes and oil and vinegar


This was when I wanted to eat something junky but was too lazy to leave the house (which was probably a good thing)
– quesadilla (corn tortillas, shredded chicken, spinach, goat cheese)
– oven sweet potato fries
– horseradish mayonnaise awesomeness I stole from Arby’s lord knows how long ago


More hipster nonsense. Plus eggs for protein.


I have a close friend who’s preggers at the moment and she can’t have runny yolk and it just sounds awful.


What yummy things have other people been making?


2 thoughts on “foodstuffs

  1. Oh how yummy! eapecially the kale pesto with nuts and kale. Recipe?? I need low cholesterol low sodium diet for now…any suggestions? All of the above? B

    • Oatmeal is great for lowering cholesterol because the beta glucan in it basically cleans the cholesterol out of your body! Also, cholesterol is only in animal products so anything from a plant won’t have it (it may have plant sterols, but those actually help your body get rid of cholesterol). So Lent is sort of a natural low cholesterol diet!
      And for sodium, Americans get most of the sodium in their diet from processed foods. I know you like doing your own cooking, so you should be in good shape on that. I know Cooking Light limits the sodium in their recipes so maybe you’d enjoy making something from their website?
      As for the pesto, I made the recipe up but this sounds similar: I used less olive oil and thinned out the pesto with some of the cooking water from the pasta.

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