restaurants, babies, and goats!

Restaurant Week is one of my favorite holidays 🙂

I celebrated it by going out on a sister date! Clever Malindi made us a reservation at the always-lovely Kipos.


Hello, delicious bread and olive oil.


Their restaurant week meal meant paying a preset price for an appetizer, entree, and dessert.

In the appetizer department Malindi got these BOSS fritters (she gave me most of one, pictured on the lower right) and I, thinking I was going to get a little mezze sampler, instead got a giant portion of tzaziki, hahaha. But it was SMASHING.


We also each got a glass of the house wine. I love Greek wine. It goes down easy!


As for the entrees, Malindi got the veggie sampler which included… spanikorizo! (This is hilarious to our family and no one else. Long story short, our mother OD’d us on it about ten years ago and while Malindi may enjoy it now…. it’s still a little soon for me, hahahaha).

Also, Malindi gave me like all of her leftovers for some reason so I was eating imam bayildi, gigante beans, and yes, even a little spanikorizo, for days.


As for me, I got a piece of perfectly cooked North Carolina trout with gigante beans and almonds. Delicious! I had already eaten a hilarious amount of bread and dip so I didn’t make it that far but this was good enough it was even tolerable as leftover fish, which is ordinarily of course a little grim.


Then for dessert I got the semolina cake with the yummy honey syrup. It was very good. But what was I really doing with my life because why go to Kipos and get dessert and not have it be the chocolate mousse with olive oil and sea salt? Sigh. I had already had it once and tried to branch out. Malindi got that and was real blissed out.


Other fun things!

One of my best buddies turned two. She got a Thomas the Tank Engine balloon over which she nearly lost her mind.


There was also a train on the cake, and “train tracks” on the cupcakes around it (poor Bethany, baby T’s mom, made the cupcakes and people kept being like, “Oh, are they footballs for the Super Bowl?” cause the party was the day before the Super Bowl)


We hung on the playground and the kids kept a steady stream of cuteness and hilarity going. It was nice.

The next day was Super Bowl Sunday but whatever it was also OPEN BARN at Celebrity Dairy which means BABY GOATS. BABY. GOATS. WHEREVER THE EYE COULD SEE. BABY. GOATS.

I think this would really be an ideal place to teach your kids about the facts of life. Lots of beautiful breastfeeding. Childbirth. Eating of placentas (which is, uh, startling to observe).


There are also really chill cats just hanging out with the goats. Cats, you are just so reliably awesome.


And then you thought you’d figured out where all the baby goats were and then you’d like, look down under the food trough and be like OH NOOOOO HERE IS ANOTHER REALLY CUTE CUDDLE PILE HELP HELP MY HEART IS EXPLODING.




We had to take a lunch break because we were so overstimulated (plus also I was hangry). Soup was on the menu. Not goat soup.

I opted for a bowl of split pea soup (like my mama makes!), a piece of really yummy spelt focaccia, and a hot cuppa tea cause it was really rawther cold out.


Oh did you think I was done NO I haven’t even shared the best part which was that there were just baby goats you could CUDDLE.


We encountered this little guy as he was being held by a dude and was like “BAHHHHH THIS IS THE WORST” and then Myra and I each held him and he was peaceful and tranquil. Because baby goats know that girls rule and boys drool. (And also we probably smell different and are potential milk holders).

Look at his EYES. Look at his EARS. It was the BESSSSSST!



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