I am so, so indifferent to Valentine’s Day. My relationship status is irrelevant to this indifference. I think it’s stupid when I’m in a relationship, I think it’s stupid when I’m single.

However, I am always in favor of fun, non-Hallmarky fun things happening in February, because February is an otherwise pitiless and depressing month. So I was delighted when someone told me about Shimmerfest!

It was way cool. Art and light and dressing up in a variety of dollar store glowstick items.


There were a whole bunch of installations to see. I wish they’d shut down at least some of the street, because there were a LOT of people (especially families with kids) and it got a little scary with the narrow sidewalks and heavily trafficked streets.

This one dude was a little ridiculous with his costume, and a little attention-starved, IMO. But I got a picture with him, along with the very large Lite Brite (!!!!!!!)


This installation, with the ice, is my favorite. I don’t know how they made these beautiful shapes!


It was cool having them all dangling like that. And then this little girl came along and started swaying them back and forth, and then they looked REALLY cool, and we were all, “Ah, that’s the artist, then.”


“Stand there for a minute and let me take your picture; your shadow looks really cool”, I said to that boy.

This one had fun show mirrors that wobbled your perspective as you walked around them. The lights interacted with the trees in a cool way too.



So after Shimmerfest there were tacos and cider and playing with cats and then it was 2am? Who am I?

The next day, Saturday, I had many important tasks to which to attend, chiefly meeting my new nephew:


Ugh, stop it, he’s so cute. My sister and her boyf Eric got a kitten together. Eric’s dog Billie Jean REALLY REALLY wants to be friends but is not sure how to love right now so they both are kind of busy taking turns freaking each other out. We’ll give them a little time 🙂

Then Saturday evening was my roomie Alli’s annual CUPCAKES AND LINGERIE GALENTINES DAY PARTY! It was epic. So much female wisdom. Such great outfits (my roommate’s outfit consisted of pants and PAINT, so there are obviously no photos).

Also, so much delicious food.

IMG_4173 IMG_4174

We honored our femaleness in our cupcake decorations.

IMG_4175 IMG_4171

Then sort of at the last minute, sort of because I’d recently learned how to make hollandaise sauce, sort of because brunch is my favorite meal and I never have it enough, sort of because there were people I wanted to see, I had brunch.

There are a lot of challenges making eggs florentine for 8 people. I can’t totally in good conscience recommend it. I was simultaneously:
– toasting English muffins
– slicing tomato
– sauteeing spinach
– making batches of hollandaise sauce and frantically trying to keep it from cooling down because it CANNOT BE REHEATED
– poaching eggs, which I could only do three at a time
– assembling the final layerings of muffin, tomato, spinach, egg, sauce
– trying and failing to make coherent conversation with my guests!

I can however say they were delicious, and instrumental to that was using a mesh strainer to fish out the poached eggs, and following Serious Eats’ recipe for two minute Hollandaise.


I also made polenta (which was SO SO GOOD- recipe from my food science class involving delicious real Parmigiano Reggiano) and fruit salad to round out the meal.


Oh also boxed wine cocktail 🙂

Fun fact: in high school, my girlfriends and I always watched zombie movies on Valentine’s Day. I’m pleased to’ve continued the horror movie tradition, watching The Babadook with a friend on Sunday night. It was scary, though slightly less so since the cat kept snoring during the tense parts.


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