snow days!

So Winter Storm Jonas passed through NC. It didn’t manifest itself nearly as dramatically as it did in Virginia where my mom lives:


But everything shut down anyway, and I spent several days largely homebound.

I was all set to sleep late on Friday, my classes already canceled… but then, at 6 am, I heard pathetic meowing outside my window! I threw on boots and a coat and hunted this elusive meower. At least I found him perched pathetically in the neighbors’ building’s breezeway. I stuck out my hand to let him sniff it, and he acquiesced to being picked up (though then he started frantically wiggling because I was holding him against my snowy jacket). However, then I delivered him into my warm apartment and he purred like a little motor. Loudest little purrer I have ever beheld.


We went back to sleep for awhile (he slept great, I DIDN’T, because his ultimate goal was to sleep ON TOP OF MY HEAD. We negotiated so he ended up on the pillow next to my head, with his feet in my hair. Gah he was so cute I didn’t even care.)

Then Alli and I went about our next day and a half in the company of this adorable kitty. We dubbed the cat Jonas Nino. Jonas for the name of the storm, Nino for the El Nino weather pattern that produced it.

I did a very minimal amount of homework and little cat friend sat on my lap.


Alli watched a lot of Scandal with the little cat curled up next to her.

I made some PEACE SIGN PASTA my aunt and uncle gave me for Christmas (so cute!)


And I figured out that the cat was a kitten, one because he had adorably disproportionately huge ears that he seemed to be growing into, and two because he just wanted to play all day.

I had made a run to the grocery store immediately after the cat’s arrival to stock up on food and kitty litter before the storm got bad. I had resisted getting toys, because deep down I knew this sweet, well-nourished cat had not been homeless and would have a family that would want him back.

So I improvised with the toy-like items I had around, like bag ties, and apron strings.

IMG_3974 IMG_3981

After getting a little stir crazy, even with Jonas’s excellent company, Alli and I were elated to learn that our nearby sushi place was open Saturday, though the blizzard had barely ended and there were still snow flurries.

I housed this amazing bento box (eating everything but the rice in one sitting, what?!) Alli had always gotten the sesame chicken and I tried it this time and YUM. It wasn’t at all like sticky Chinese restaurant sesame chicken, but was rather crispy flash fried and not at all greasy chicken dipped in a yummy not-too-sweet ponzu sauce. Also enjoyed some sashimi and a crunch roll, plus salad and unpictured miso soup.


When I returned from sushi I went to the mailroom, suspecting– correctly as it turns out– that there might be a sign about a missing cat. I called the number and heard the relieved exclamation from the mother of the household, who then uttered “Babe, they found him!” to another member of the household who turned out to be a little girl. Jonas was in fact named Boo. He had snuck out Thursday night and the family frantically searched for him but he didn’t make his way home as he had other times he had snuck out before (perhaps due to it being harder to smell because of the snow?) His family was very happy to be reunited with him. Apparently his sister kitty had been crying for him all night! Awwwww.

I was heartbroken but happy for the family that they got their sweet cat back.

Then the thawing continued and on Sunday I managed to get enough people together to have an excellent clothing swap! This was the lay of the land BEFORE anyone even arrived! Just the combined efforts of me, my sister, and a friend who read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and went crazy on decluttering her house.


Lots of people came (some on foot!) and lots more clothes appeared and were claimed in the following hours.

The good news was, the leftovers went with my friend Taylor for her annual mission trip to the Dominican Republic, to be worn by kiddos and teens in the school/orphanage where she volunteers.

On Monday my morning class I TA was canceled, so I spent the day fiiiiiinally catching up on work at my favorite coffee shop.

And then when I returned home, I found a wonderful, sweet thank you note from a little girl who was glad to have her kitty back!


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