VA Thanksgiving

When I drove up to my family in Virginia for Thanksgiving, the trip began with a MAGICAL FAIRY PRINCESS ADVENTURE WITH MY BEST FRIEND.


Lydia, my bestie since 9th grade, is getting hitched! I am going to be maid of honor, and I got to go wedding dress shopping with her, which is the most fun thing ever. Even without getting to try on dresses (though generous-hearted Lydia she said she’d have no problem with my pretending to gay-marry her so I got to try on dresses too). Just admiring Lydia and cooing over dresses and arranging trains and fluffing veils was fun.

(PS I don’t think her fiance Brian reads this blog but if so that’s not The Dress, so we’re okay).

To further enhance the festive-ness of the occasion, we decided it merited day-drinking! Between appointments, we went to a fun pizza place of which I was very fond back in my VA days. We were tempted by the cocktails but ultimately decided to just get wine (which Lydia treated me to! Thanks buddy!)


And we split the girliest meal ever- a mushroom pizza and salad: arugula, mandarin oranges, beets, goat cheese, walnuts, and balsamic reduction. NOMS!


After appointment 2, we had a little time to kill so we hit up my old friend the Korean bakery. I had my old friends, a sweet potato latte and a pastry…


… which was filled with uuuuuber sweet red bean filling.


The next day was Thanksgiving itself! My aunt Dena and Uncle Louie hosted. They are both extremely artistic people, as you could tell by the beautifully laid table. (Doesn’t my sister look so adorable in her little hippie dress?!)


My cousin Steven enthusiastically posed for a photo. We just love having our picture taken in our family. (Hahaha, Malindi in the corner, cracking me up).


I ate all the things. There were three kinds of stuffing, including one my sister and her boyf made out of pumpkin bread that was INCREDIBLE (no wonder; 2 sticks of butter were involved)


Naturally I imbibed from the dessert table with gusto. Here’s a buckeye, a slice of pumpkin cheesecake, and an orange cream graham cracker crust little explosion of yumminess (technical term). I couldn’t finish the cheesecake… yet somehow did find room for a little almond-lemon cake and apple pie.


Truthfully, Thanksgiving could’ve been rotten this year; it was a day after what would’ve been my cousin Chris’s birthday. However, it wasn’t, and for that I think we have Jack to thank. Jack being my cousin’s four year old son, who is HILARIOUS. You can read “his” blog here, in which his mother records his amusing and thought provoking quotes about music.

He spent a lot of the Thanksgiving meal “looking” for Lego pieces that he had “lost” under the table. At one point my uncle gave him a flashlight and you could follow where he was going by following the beam of light sporadically poking out from under the table.

Having this sweet little boy with his sweet little voice laughing around the house really, I think, saved the holiday.

I spent the rest of the time in VA avoiding doing homework, spending time with my cherished cat…

Photo on 11-26-15 at 12.25 PM

And my favorite mom (with whom I did our traditional pilgrimmage to walk on the W+OD trail and then reward ourselves with yummy snacks, in this case macarons and cappuccino)



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