mo biochem mo problems

Here are some photographs that somewhat capture week in which biochem was melting my brain. My stress level and level of absorption in all things hormone signaling, fat and cholesterol metabolism, starvation and metabolic stress gradually increased throughout the week. By the weekend– which I’m calling my Lost Weekend– I’d cut all social ties with anyone who wasn’t a study buddy (thus requiring me to cancel pumpkin carving, brunch with my friends and their adorable baby, brunch with a friend visiting from New York City, MY OWN BIRTHDAY DINNER, etc.).

Thank God that some study dates involve cats, or I’d fail everything. (Actually, one of my study buddies has chickens, too, so that’s also nice).

This is Sadie. She helps. (She also loves hair ties, and her ultimate challenge is to get every single one of her human’s hair ties underneath the dishwasher).


During the week before the test we were discussing metabolic syndrome in class and my professor made these very erotic drawings to demonstrate body types with and without visceral fat.

sexy bods

(Our professor is super peculiar. VERY VERY blunt. You can’t have too many feelings around her, but I find her very entertaining in her meanness. And obviously her artistic talent is formidable)


I took a brief break from biochem. Not for fun. Rather, to go to a professional development workshop. Behold, my professional values: things I want in my grown up career. (We ended up having to further narrow down our values to just six of these cards!)


So chronicling Lost Weekend:

On the Friday night prior to the test, I went wiiild and wandered around on a trail while studying with friends x_x At least it was nice to get some fresh air and sunshine with our discussion of hormone sensitive lipase and so on. Had a little breakthrough talking about LDL transporter signaling in cells, too. It’s the little things.

Also, we got burrito bowls for dinner.


And then because everyone’s brain was broken (and one of my poor study buddies actually started to cry at the burrito place) we put away our flashcards, drank wine and watched Nashville!

Saturday was all studying and no fun. Hour upon hour upon hour of flashcard making and reviewing, textbook reading, diagram constructing. I’d take occasional breaks to roll around on the floor in Happy Baby yoga pose when my lower back started to spasm from sitting too long. I also took a brief break to shove sushi in my mouth, giving me an opportunity to see my dear sweet sister, and hope that the omega-3’s would help my brain.


Sunday involved more vigorous studying at my friend Steph’s (and a brief chicken break in which I became distressed at learning that Steph’s nicest chicken was sick. She has subsequently left this earth for chicken heaven, *sob*)

I’m usually on the verge of scurvy by the time I’m done studying, as was the case the Sunday of the Lost Weekend.

Because hours and hours and hours of biochem are just not conducive to eating well.

Anyway, I got Weaver Street Market hot bar. Look at all the colors! (Of course, Steph and I ran flashcards while walking to and from the market).


Blessedly, the test came and went, and I did well! And then it was time to have all my chums over and celebrate! I made an open Facebook invitation to everyone in our cohort (yes, we call ourselves a cohort, because we’re in public health and it’s an epidemiological term and we’re nerds).

I had limited mental resources so Trader Joe was entirely in charge of food.

I made this whole wheat butternut squash gyoza in about five minutes.


Not mind bogglingly good, but fun.


Plus my new favorite fall appetizer (seriously, TRY THIS COMBINATION. Pumpkin cranberry crisps and honey goat cheese! Yes!)


Plus unpictured spanikopita, PLUS then one of our classmates who couldn’t even make it to the party sent us an Insomnia Cookies delivery because she’s the best.

Obviously, the main point of the party was to drink wine. I purchased these, and ended up not even needing to open two of them because my classmates were very generous about bringing more adult beverages.


Shoutout to the second from the left- it was my classmate’s recommendation, ALMOND CHAMPAGNE OOOH AHHHH. Sold at Trader Joe’s. I thought it could’ve been gross but I do generally trust Jaclyn’s taste.

Anyway, it didn’t need to get opened at the party, because after making that rec then Jaclyn herself ended up bringing champagne and grapefruit juice for a lovely mimosa variation. So the almond champagne got popped during a Halloween scary movie night a few days later. It was EXCELLENT and different!

So now I’ll only have one more biochem test (the final). Oh and then one more biochem semester. Heh.