school week eats



  • Veggie stock (made of leftover veggie trimmings- carrot tops, onion skins, celery hearts, etc.- cooked in water in the crockpot for a few hours)
  • Chickpeas (cooked from dry- just soaked em and boiled em til tender. Gosh it’s amazing how much better they are when they aren’t canned. A worthwhile thing to do for days you’re lazing around the house anyway).
  • stale bread
  • kale

Spaghetti squash


  • roasted a smallish spaghetti squash, and scraped out its innards
  • mixed with Trader Joe’s tomato sauce
  • topped with lotttts of melted cheese



  • scrambled eggs cooked suuuuuper slowly, yesssss
  • kale chips
  • apple slices with cinnamon (forgot how good this was!)

Cooking for one is really an egg parade, actually


  • quiche, ish: egg, tomatoes, and corn chucked in a pie pan. Sprinkle cheese  on top. Bake til firm.
  • plus toast with guacamole on top

more eggs


  • random leftover veggies (eesh truly don’t remember what except clearly it involved tomatoes)
  • fried egg
  • guacamole



  • socca (chickpea flour pancake) made using the Mark Bittman methodology with olive oil and lots of black pepper
  • cheese melted on top

There are always leftovers, yet it’s hard to figure out what happened to the original mealIMG_2810

  • overnight oats I clearly never made in the morning and didn’t eat (I had some cherries that had been getting soft so I pitted them then roasted them and they were REALLY good in this)
  • kale chips

I wish this meal had ended up more colorful… and flavorful…


  • couscous (Trader Joe’s whole wheat kind)
  • cabbage sauteed with Trader Joe’s Korean-flavored chicken sausage

Also, sometimes (too often) I just give up and get something easy to go.

Harris Teeter sushi:


Weaver Street Market hot bar (I was pleased with myself because of the variety of food groups in this dish- Caribbean seasoned greens and potatoes, delicious Italian-style tomatoey chickpeas, roasted tofu, and spicy sesame noodles with broccoli).


Also sometimes (often) I just give up and eat way too many sweets.

Alli (my fabulous roommate) brought me this AMAZING piece of pie that her friend had made. It had homemade (SO SO FLAKY) crust topped with lemon curd and blueberries cooked with thyme.


JUST INCREDIBLE. I ate it for breakfast one day!


Also, one of my classmates went to Spain and brought everyone whiskey chocolates. We ate them in class, teehee!



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