autumnal delights

I took a nice afternoon walk and there was a miniature horse just hanging out in a random yard in the middle of Carrboro. Because Carrboro. (I texted my sister: Lil Sebastian is in Carrboro!)

2015-10-11 17.35.50

Also on my walk, I see Biscuit a lot. He hangs out on the back step of a coffee shop. I greet him, he meows in a crochety fashion, he sits on my lap, and he stays there for approximately half an hour and he whines at me and is like “You were supposed to stay here forever!”

2015-10-11 18.50.22

Biscuit has attitude.

But he is also very sweet and loving!


One time I went to hang out with him and they were randomly setting up the set for a short film (?!) We watched the bustle for awhile, and various moviemaking folks gave me amused looks.

2015-10-11 18.50.29

Now let’s talk food! This fall I have done a lot of fun hanging out stuff with family, welcoming Malindi to town. It’s the coolest thing, now having a cousin and a sister living here. Other relatives, I’m coming for you!

Malindi and I got brunch with my cousin Sophia and her husband Mike at Lucha Tigre. There was a lot of service-related drama around this banana nutella empanada, which I won’t get into.

Lower drama was this froyo. Malindi, Malindi’s roommate (who is also my classmate!) and I went to Yogurt Pump. This was peanut butter froyo with strawberries. Excellent!


Then it was time for my cousin again, or rather my cousin’s cat. Sophia and Mike went out of town and Malindi took over their house and tended to their lovely fat orange cat, Hobbes. I hung out with her for awhile there. We raided the freezer!


And then we used two of the guest passes Sophia and Mike had been kind enough to leave for us to go to their CLASSY gym!

More autumn stuff

Truth: yes, autumn is when my birthday is, and yes, everyone and their Mama says autumn is their favorite season, but I get depressed during autumn. Being surrounded by death and decay. The impending darkness and cold. WINTER IS COMING!

Something that helps me with the depression is buying lots and lots and lots of pumpkin things. This was a day I went pretty bananas at Trader Joe’s


Then I had some friends over for an autumn feast. Appetizer was pumpkin cranberry crisps with honey goat cheese ❤ ❤ ❤


Then other people brought MORE cheese, and some apples.


And then I served lots of apple cider (I got some and Camille brought some!), pumpkin ravioli, salad, and pumpkin joe joes for dessert.


Another thing that happens in the fall that I love is the Carrboro music festival. Alas, this year there was a week of rain that was predicted to continue through Sunday afternoon. Sunday afternoon is traditionally the most amped-up portion of the music festival where they shut down roads and everywhere in town turns into a venue and you just wander around dancing. But they canceled nearly all of the outdoor events. And then it didn’t rain. Sigh.

Anyway, we made do. We sat on the back deck of Second Wind and listened to the music drift outside. We got free coozies, and Malindi used hers around her kombucha (komboozie: patent pending).


Then we hit up Looking Glass, which has an overhanging under which the band can play. This woman had the most seeeexy, bluesy voice!


And now, moving ahead, more fall fun of course includes Halloween!

It began with Sophia (different Sophia than my cousin- this one’s my classmate) making the most AMAZING pumpkin spice fudge. Homegirl went to culinary school and holds herself to extremely high standards, and she claimed this was too sweet. I claimed it was like the best thing I’ve ever tasted.


Halloween festivities included two separate costumes for Malindi. On the 30th, we joined Myra and Alex for a scary movie night. Well, I should say we joined Myra and Alex and Lochsie the daschund, who posed with Malindi. Malindi’s first and most epic costume of the weekend was Cat in a Cone. She definitely ordered a large animal surgical cone. Such a fabulous play on the sexy kitty Halloween costume.


Then Halloween itself we hit up my cousin’s place again. She fed us delicious pizza and cheesy bread and we hung out with her pets some more. Caroline (named after UNC!) is just the nicest, friendliest dog.


Sophia was in a conundrum because half her neighbors were like, “No children ever trick or treat here” and the other half were like, “Children literally bus in from other neighborhoods to trick or treat here”. She prepared for a deluge (she got ridiculous numbers of bags at Costco) and then got nary a trickle. So we watched The Addams Family (and were also introduced to Jane the Virgin, which is so cute!) and ate a lot of candy.

Then I put in a brief appearance at a party hosted by one of the School of Public Health-ers. Malindi was there too- she lives with another of my classmates and is basically now an unofficial SPHer (and hopefully an official one- she submits her application this weekend!)

Here we are dressed up, Malindi as a skeleton and me as… any guesses?


A recycling plant.

Hehe. Hehe. Get it? I stuck a bunch of cardboard/paper bags/magazine clippings to myself, put on a recycling symbol, and put on a lot of green eyeshadow and put leaves in my hair.

This was my first pun Halloween costume and people were sooooo confused. C’est la vie.

Malindi and other folks went to the Franklin Street insanity and I happily went home. I don’t have the happiest of associations with Franklin Street Halloween (involving my ex boyfriend getting stupidly stupidly drunk) so I was happy to wrap up the evening relatively early and wake up the next morning feeling good.

I made myself a nice brunch. Scrambled eggs cooked suuuuper slowly and gently, biscuit made from Bisquick Heart Smart mix, and a persimmon.


Plus a cauldron of tea.


A few more autumn funtivities took place the following weekend (yes, this is turning into a lengthy post!)

I went with my friend Steph to see a performance at UNC- have you heard of Butoh? It’s a form of Japanese performance art. It was really neat- I didn’t really understand it, but it was so nice seeing something cultural and activating the right side of my brain, which gets little use these days. A little more about the performance here.

Before the show started, Chirba Chirba, a beloved local food truck, was set up outside the concert hall. I got a yummy dinner!


Pan fried glass noodles and soy sauce eggs. Delish!

It was also my little boyfriend across the hall’s 6th birthday (!!!) I missed the actual party (I arrived slightly too early and thought the picnic in the park had been canceled due to rain, but it hadn’t been!) but I got to experience some of the aftermath, along with my sister.

The silly string technology has really improved in recent years, and you can really get some length on that stuff now.


Such cuteness 😀

Later that day I went out for a birthday dinner (actually,  an exactly one month anniversary of my birthday) with Myra and Alex, two of my bestest buds. We’d all been doing a bunch of traveling, they had crazy work/I had crazy school, so it was a little late… but it was actually really fun stretching out the birthday joy even longer!

We went to Gonza Tacos y Tequila and it was hoppin’! We all ordered an adult beverage (I enjoyed their margarita on the rocks a lot).

Myra’s dish definitely won for being the most beautiful- she got the chili relleno with veggies.


I got the steak tacos, which were also really yummy. Ah, homemade tortillas. Also, they came with fried plantains, so that was real real nice.


And then we could’ve gotten dessert there, but we were no fools- we were around the corner from The Parlour!

So I got butternut squash pie ice cream with hot fudge. Mon dieu.


Last autumn funtivity for this post: more cats! Malindi and I have seriously been going to the cat refuge about once a week.

One time we brought some of my other friends. I think Carolina is seriously in the baby zone- she spent a LOT of time rocking this kitten to sleep 😀


Baby is one of my best cat buddies there. She is crazy adorable and loves climbing on shoulders.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


How have you been enjoying your autumn?


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