the welcome wagon

If you come see me in North Carolina, I’m going to try to convince you to live here. One because I miss all my boos up in Virginia. Two because I think everyone would be happier if they lived here!

I convinced my sister, obviously. We do things like go to the beautiful tea house in the countryside on a random Wednesday.

There are beautiful cups of tea infused with herbs grown on the premises.


There are beautiful doglets who want nothing more to have you throw the ball for them.


There is a playground for romping, and lots  of outdoor seating. (Live music, too, though not on a random weeknight.) Also note the adorable doglet sitting near the swings going “Friendship! Friendship! Come play with me!”


Another way to enthusiastically welcome one’s sister to her new home is to take her to dinner at Myra and Alex’s, where there is more cute canine company and there is QUALITY FOOD.

This meal ended up being at least 50% cheese, which was obviously amazing. Myra made amazing savory waffles with cheddar and herbs, as well as an oh-so-cheesy zucchini gratin.


Then, with no prior planning, I brought more cheese as my contribution to the evening, as well as some fresh figgies!!!! Served on the daschund cutting board 😀 (Yes, I also brought Newman-Os, seen in the background).

I tell you what, friends, if you haven’t had cheese in your waffles, you really haven’t lived.


There was also wine (as usual), and veggie bacon! Gah I could eat this meal every day for the rest of my life. (It may not be a long life, but it’d be a happy one!)

When I started my job back up at school I was feeling flush and craving Mexican, so I treated my sister to delicious delicious Mexicanity one random Monday night. This place I love so much- their food tastes so FRESH! I got some deliiiiiiicious chicken enchiladas. Came with lovely rice and beans.


Two meals, easy. Just look at all that cheese and crema! The place is no frills but family owned and SO cute!


Then more friends came to town, and had to also be convinced to move! I took them straight back to the tea house, and we posed prettily by a yurt.


When are YOU coming to visit, friends?


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