fun at home

After my NC staycation, I headed back to my family home. We had MANY THINGS TO CELEBRATE!

  • My sister’s imminent move and job prospects (she has subsequently been offered and accepted an Americorps position, yay!)
  • My mothers new job (!!!)
  • Me surviving my internship and thus completing my first year of grad school!

It was REAL NICE being able to recharge. The last few weeks of the internship had been a little cray… due to problems of an interpersonal nature that it’s pointless and nonconstructive for me to rehash on the Internet. I’m all about being constructive these days.

So, I was really happy with the constructive activities I did with my time!

I hung out with family members.

I worked on my South Africa self-created curriculum (though truthfully a lot of the books were so depressing it’s been hard for me to keep going).

I worked out.

I hung out with my old high school friends, and we talked about their BABIES! And hung out with little Owen 😀


I watched the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy with my sister.

I got my awesome cat baked.




A highlight was all going out for a dinner to celebrate the aforementioned good things (particularly since mom finished her last day at work! After working, a conservative estimate, 70 hours over the week).

So, uh, funny story: I went to look up the menu of the lovely restaurant where we ate this lovely meal… and discovered they had abruptly and mysteriously closed like a week later. Whatttt?! Guess I’ll have to drudge up from memory a proper description of what we had!


Smoked tuna dip with squid ink baguette.


Grilled apricots, mm. They had this stuff that was bacon-y but not bacon (I forget what it was actually made of) and lots of other… things… on it.


Grilled octopus with a lot of lemon peel on top of what I want to say was cauliflower puree.

And the special, and the highlight of the meal, SOFTSHELL CRABS WOOHOO! I love softshell crabs and almost never get to eat them. There were three to this order- perfect! One for my mom, one for my sister, and one for me. The crab was served on this INCREDIBLE corn and lima bean succotash that contained a ton of butter and a secret, delicious and tangy ingredient- capers!


Finally, the most creamy and decadent creamed corn in the land.

Then I got in my car to go back down to NC… but I brought my mom and my sister with me! My mom to visit, my sister to LIVE! YAY!


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