goals for the new semester

  1. Wear a bra every day. None of this, “Oh, a tank top with a built in bra is fine” nonsense. It’s not, Ileana. It’s not. You are a C cup. Wear a real bra every day (or at least out in public). Seriously, remember how you looked in that picture from the beach. WEAR A BRA.
  2. Don’t skip class. Yes, you can fool yourself into thinking that it doesn’t matter because they record the lectures, but just don’t. You convince yourself you are feeling vaguely sick and then stay home doing nothing productive and eating carbs and wasting your life on the Internet. Just go to class.
  3. Eat two meals mindfully. Actually, this is progress!
    (Changing point of view in this paragraph from second person to first person. Apologies.)
    Readers may recall that in a post earlier this summer I mentioned that I’d realized I’d been eating THREE MEALS A DAY IN FRONT OF A COMPUTER SCREEN bad bad bad! Some at work, some at home decompressing from work. It kind of snuck up on me but it was appalling behavior. Particularly when done by future nutrition/public health professional.
    I vowed I’d eat one meal mindfully each day (mindfully= away from a screen, actually paying attention to how the food tastes and how full/hungry I am) and that went well. Now I’m on two mindfully. Days I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner mindfully are awesome days (like today!) but days I enjoy one meal with an article or even a TV show, I can live with.
    (Changing back to the original point of view. I feel the need to excuse these things despite the fact that I routinely read blogs that do things like use the word “workout”, the noun, to mean “work out”, the verb. Or when trying to use it as a possessive, instead of using the correct form, its, use the incorrect contraction form, it’s. Essentially, reading things on the Internet is making us all dumber.)
  4. Meet the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations for exercise. They are not huge. 150 minutes of moderate cardio or 75 minutes of vigorous cardio each week. Plus two weight bearing exercise occasions.
    Just do something along the lines of what you did today: a slightly complicated and confusing squat sequence from a fitness magazine, 20 minutes inclined treadmill speed walking, 10 minutes stationary bike, treadmill cooldown while doing tricep and bicep curls.
    You feel more mentally alert after exercising. Your skin looks better when you exercise. You make healthier food choices on days you’ve worked out. You have numerous friends who are good workout buddies. Just do it! You’ll be happy!
  5. Have “yes” be the default answer to questions about social gatherings. Say yes unless you can think of a compelling reason not to attend. It’s good to get out of your shell. It’s good to get to know classmates and other new friends. It’s good to remember that other people are nervous, too, and it doesn’t mean that you are socially incompetent because you can’t always singlehandedly sustain a conversation. Just today, you had a conversation with a classmate that felt awkward. You nonetheless fought your natural impulse to flee to the library and kept going. By the end, you ended up feeling like the other person really was enjoying talking to you and not just waiting for the conversation to be over. Then, the other person texted you inviting you to trivia! See?! People are nice and want to hang out with you and you should take those steps!

That’s it. A list of all the goals. 5 is a nice, complete sounding number.

There are no relationship goals on it because I am currently in a relationship with Jamie Fraser.

jamie fraser!

But my roommate and I have to share him, sigh.

She has told me that now instead of asking me if I want to watch Outlander, she will just start singing the theme song.

So far, this semester is pretty good 😀


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