around town

Here is a random sampling of my doings/eatings/learnings of late.

Perfect homemade meal:


Leftover Ethiopian cabbage and carrots (I made for a dinner with friends) plus over easy fried egg, polenta, and sour cream. We had a family friend who was Romanian. He introduced us to the exquisite combination of polenta, eggs, and sour cream (which I guess is traditionally Romanian, because I’ve seen it at church festivals as well). I forget how much I lovvvvve sour cream. I bought it to make Moosewood’s Russian macaroni and cheese and was delighted to have some of the leftovers in the house.

Perfect school meal:


I buy food on campus WAY TOO MUCH. This is from Mediterranean deli: pita and two dips (baba ghanoush and deliiiiicious artichoke dip) plus couscous/chickpea/raisin/green onion salad. $5 and delicious.

My Epidemiology TA is the best TA. Everyone is jealous of us because we don’t waste class time reviewing material that’s already been taught (thus enabling us to often get out early) and we get to have class outside sometimes. I’m now dying of allergies- this was in the sweet spot of early Spring when it was warm out but the trees hadn’t gone berserk yet.


The grand reopening of Honeysuckle Tea House! I LOVE this place! Here’s where they have the fab live music:


And this is the open air teahouse itself. It’s like Swiss Family Robinson or something!


They have a garden where they grow herbs that are used to make herbal teas and home and body products they sell in their shop. (Washing your hands at the teahouse is amazing because you use their soap- it smells SO GOOD!)


If you look at the building from this angle, you can see that it’s built from recycled shipping containers.


I am mostly not fond of chamomile, but isn’t it pretty?


The tea house from another angle. It makes you think, “Yeah, I could build that!”


And looking up at the building as the sun sets. *Sigh*. So pretty. Though it seems to be in the country, it’s actually only a few minutes out from Chapel Hill. It feels so much further away!


This is the inside. I met up with friends and we sat in here, sipped tea, and listened to music.


When you order instead of giving you a number they give you a plant. This was mine:IMG_2282 IMG_2283

There was a sassy bluegrass band. Also note, please, the perfect little daffodils on each table!


There were ots of kids bopping around outside (there’s a little play area behind the stage). There was this neat little firepit, which was nice to have once the sun set.


In less fun and relaxing news, I’ve reached the point in the year where my planner isn’t doing it anymore and I need to make epic to-do lists in increments of a couple of days. These are not all school assignments (thank God!) but I seriously need to put, “Exercise”, “Go to brunch with your friends” or I would forget to do them.


I went on a fun medical nutrition therapy study date (no really, though that is a ridiculous sentence). Melissa’s house feels like a magical land in the woods. It is so, so gorgeous.


And she feeds you when you’re her study date! Brain boosting chocolate…


… and this epic crockpot creation! When I arrived she was sauteeing a ton of onions with a ton of Indian-style spices (cumin, coriander, and friends). In they went to a crockpot with chicken breasts, sweet potatoes, coconut milk… etc. etc. Don’t know the full details but know it was delish! Especially with the chopped almonds she added on top.


We made some epic study guides about livers, gall bladders, intestines, and all of the fun bad things that can happen to them. Eesh. This program makes me deeply grateful for my health.

A bit more randomness:

The entire town has subsequently burst into blossom. I stopped at a traffic light and had to capture these lovely blossoms… outside the Bojangles, hahaha.


I took a long walk (on pretty much the last day I could handle being outside without sneezing my nose off) and came upon this chicken with a death wish bopping around in the street. I chased her back into her yard. I”m not sure if she stayed there.



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