yummy silly fun theme parties

Right now I am, as the kids say, tripping balls on the allergy medicine I just started. Really hoping I feel better soon. [ETA: it’s the next day and I do feel better, probably because I went to bed at 9pm last night and discontinued the crappy meds. However, still feel loopy enough to’ve come up with this post’s silly title.]

In the meantime, here are some nice ramblings about some fun times I had around Valentine’s Day and the following week. With, you guessed it, yummy silly fun theme parties.

I cat sat for my cousin. Hobbes was not a fan of me (or the fact that he had just moved into a new house). He hid inside his little cat hut the whole time I was there, and I sort of feebly tried to reach through the hole and gingerly pet him.


My classmate is the most perfect human being in the world (you may remember her as the person who got me- who gets everyone in our class, for that matter a birthday cake, and the person who made everyone caramel apples for fall break). She made deliiiiicious almond fudge cups for Valentine’s Day.


But the best thing awaited me when I got home! I think suspecting that newly-dumped me would be a little blue, my mom and sister sent me a fabulous Valentine’s Day Harry and David gift package!


I mean REALLY. Their fabulous fabulous juicy sweet perfect spotless pears, two kinds of cheese (gouda and cheddar), pepper jelly, yummy little jam cookies, crackers, chocolate raspberry truffles. Mmm.


My roommate got us some flowers (she’s started buying flowers for herself now, since we both got sick of coming into the apartment, seeing a bouquet, and turning to the other to say, “So you two have been fighting, huh?”) They looked very pretty with the pears.


The highlight of Valentine’s Day, though, was celebrating the birth of my favorite puppy- Lochsie! As ever, all my pictures of her are a blur. She is just the craziest little blonde miniature daschund I know (and, er, the only).


Myra and Alex have custom-made coasters with mixtures of their puppy on them, hahahahahahahaha. This is her in her earlier in her life, before she started to look as daschund-y.


Lochsie’s best friend Charlie came, along with his humans. Watching them play is pretty great.

IMG_2037  IMG_2039

In the food department, Myra and Alex are obsessed with their waffle iron, and I’d emailed Myra a list of things one can make in a waffle iron earlier in the week. So when I arrived at the party, I helped her finish one of the recipes listed- wonuts! With pretty pink frosting.


There were also veggies (including AWESOME homemade beet chips), and burgers and dogs.


The decor was very love-themed.


And in the cocktail department, whoo! They started with chambord…


… then a dose of cream


(Unpictured fizzy water), and whipped cream on top


And a fresh raspberry garnish! And adorable straws! How Pinterest-explosion-worthy is this?!


Lochsie got many ridiculous presents, including a giant tennis ball, and an automatic tennis ball launcher (the I-Fetch, hahahaha, unpictured). Watching babies and puppies play together is the best.


The baby is very into spoons and kitchen implements right now. She liked stirring the dog’s water.


Then, because Lochsie truly is Myra and Alex’s child, she got a PROSCUITTO BIRTHDAY CAKE.

IMG_2048 IMG_2049

By this point in the proceedings, Charlie was so tired that we managed to get a hat on him! Adorable.


Then, as if that wasn’t enough fun, the following Saturday I went to another awesome get together! This time a birthday Bring Your Own Crepe Filling brunch with my classmates. Yay crepes! (Confession: I’m a little intimidated by making crepes, but love eating them!)


The drink department:


(Some of the) food department. I brought goat brie and fig jam for crepes 🙂 There were lots of fruity jammy yummy contributions.


She of the Valentine’s Day fudge cups above made quinoa-chia seed porridge scented with rose water. It was so different and good!


Here was my plate: a crepe with half dulce de leche and cinnamon apples, and half bananas and nutella. Plus some of the porridge, topped with fresh strawberries and pecans. PLUS, some OUTRAGEOUS french toast casserole.


Then Steph, our hostess, got to makin’ mimosas!


She says when she hosts parties she always ends up standing on a chair 🙂


I had a mimosa with unsweetened grapefruit juice which was yummy and different. I like my alcoholic beverages tart!


Then we went to visit the chickens. There’s a chicken bullying situation going on, which is sad yet interesting. She’s getting baby chicks early next month, and we’re going to have a little baby shower for them.


Then we had some nice birthday cakey for Colton (in that we took a piece of the french toast casserole and stuck a candle in it)


And then hung out laughing and chatting. Colton’s brother was visiting and he does MAGIC so that was fun. And inspired just absurd amounts of Arrested Development quoting, which in and of itself was funny since only four people at the party (myself included, natch) who had actually seen Arrested Development (the horror!) so we were all rolling on the floor laughing while everyone else sat around awkwardly wishing they were us!

Then we’d digested round 1, and our friends showed up with stupid good homemade waffles. It tasted a lot like someone had stuck pound cake batter in a waffle iron. Soooo buttery and crispy. And then Lesley, our classmate who went to culinary school, made us perfect scrambled eggs, with eggies from the chickens in the backyard! They were wonderful.


And now, as I recover from the jittery craziness/depression and so on, I’m finding myself craving a nice weekend waffle adventure.


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