friends with babies!

I have this amazing classmate who used to be an interior decorator. She hosted a baby shower for our other classmate (who has since given birth to a beautiful baby girl named Eleanor!) and it was at her absolutely exquisite house.

IMG_1781  IMG_1783

Our other classmate is also pretty much perfect, and made this beeyoootiful cake.


(It was as delicious as it was beautiful- super almond-y. And MOIST MOIST! (Sorry.)


My contribution was the slice and bake cookies in the background there. Hah.

I also got the baby-to-be two books: a copy of Hop on Pop (a classic!) and one about wombats that I stumbled upon at the bookstore that was too cute not to get (title: Sometimes I Curl Up In a Ball, daww!)

This is Melissa’s freaking front path. It’s like a magic fairy land.


The glass beads sound musical when you walk on them. And seemed soft, somehow, despite what they were made of.


But then there was more baby fun! My friends’ baby Toula turned one.

The theme for the party was inspired because they found a small, fish-shaped, inflatable BABY BALL PIT on Amazon (whaa?!). So, behold, Under The Sea.


There were healthy snacks (the black bean salad and Israeli couscous salad were particularly nice) and of course cake. Haha man watching a kid get their first real whammy of refined sugar is kind of intense.

I WANT EVERYTHING EVER TO BE CAKE ALWAYS. She looked a little dazed by the end, and was just hunting around her high chair and bib for any last scrap.



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