I feel like I want to jump back into normal blogging… this will sound super arrogant, but I know this blog gives some people some happiness, and I know some of the people who read it look at it as a fun little distraction from the dramas of the day. Like my mom, when she was recuperating from a broken pelvis in a New Zealand hospital after having been airlifted from Antarctica (…), said what kept her amused, besides HBO, and Skype, was reading my blog each day.

On the other hand, there is so much death and pain around, and it’s hard to just make my blog this fun little spot for talking about food when, in the latest sad turn of events, I’m on this campus that has been reeled by a horrible, hate-driven triple murder. (New readers, I’m in the school of public health at UNC Chapel Hill).

I attended the vigil last night on campus, and it was beautiful… hundreds of students, holding candles, listening to the Muslim call to prayer and words of condolence from all the college chancellors in the area. It felt good to be involved in my community. On the other hand, I felt a little overwhelmed- my life has just been a stream of death and sadness lately. Not to be self pitying- it’s also been a stream of people I love being really good to me. Still, it’s a really unsafe world, and getting through each day really means choosing to ignore the risks and hope the odds are in your favor.

So, this is a post where I try to contribute some solemnity to the events in my family, and on my campus. And maybe after this I’ll try to be a little happy place where I and the people I love can tune it all out for a bit.


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