getting my apron back on

I don’t love this blog title. It sounds like an anti-feminist manifesto. It is not.

It is about how I’m trying to cook more, in an effort to:
– reconnect with all of the creative and fun aspects I love about cooking
– save money
– eat healthier
– more equally good things, I’m sure

Soooo, at my cohort’s Christmas party, we did one of those white elephant gift exchanges, and I was tickled pink to select a gift I actually LOVE- this is a really good cookbook!


I progressed in my vow to cook more with this tasty recipe.


Basically just an entire head of roasted garlic, a can of artichoke hearts, parsley, and a little olive oil. So simple but so good! On delicious bakery bread. Lots of vegetable-centric (not just faux meat and grains) and wholesome looking recipes in this book- I’m excited to explore further.

When I was studying for finals I also made two of my faaavorite things.


1. Madhur Jaffrey’s Moroccan yellow split pea puree (if you google that you can get most of the recipe, though it’s originally in her superb World Vegetarian cookbook)

2. Carrots chopped and roasted on high heat with olive oil, salt, garlic powder, paprika, and cumin

I seriously never get sick of these two things. Both taste too yummy to be good for you.


Since Steve and I would be traveling to our respective families, we decided to enjoy our last December evening together in NC by cooking something fancy!

I made a proper cheese sauce, which I hadn’t done in awhile. My wonderful mother taught me how to make a basic roux, then white sauce, then cheese sauce for delicious homemade pasta. Those lessons stick with ya!


This sauce included a roux of equal parts butter and flour, whole milk (Steve’s purchase, of course), fontina cheese, and gorgonzola. It made a nice coat on the spoon…


And a swipe through held its shape, but not too rigidly (the sauce stayed smooth and not curdled- key!)


While I was on cheese sauce duty, Steve did most of the work, as he was the originator of the menu idea. He cooked shrimp in lotttts of garlic, which smelled fab.


We cooked up fancy whole wheat pasta from Weaver Street market, and Steve cooked up some spinach in yet more garlic and olive oil. The real highlight, however, was our Christmas gift from Myra and Alex, who heard a rumor that Steve loves truffle oil. This was the real deal- not just truffle “flavored” oil (which is still totally delicious, incidentally) and made for some really delicious pasta!


Steve put a ton of extra parmesan on his, but I was happy to just enjoy mine with some black pepper. This was SO creamy and decadent and special!


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