hate will be gone and love will prevail?

I am heartsick at the news coming from… everywhere. Staten Island, Ferguson, Cleveland.

I am a long time believer in social justice, and have gone about trying to produce some of it in a variety of ways. First as an undergrad I was a poli sci major but all it did was disillusion me. Then I worked at nonprofits but found many of them inefficient and full of good intentions but questionable outcomes. So I went to grad school and decided if I can make one little corner of the world (or state, or county even) a little healthier, that might bring about some positive change.

But then I think about what it means to exist in this country if you aren’t privileged by accident of birth to have skin the color of mine and I wonder, what can I possibly do? Seriously, suggestions welcome.

I heard Stevie Wonder on the radio singing about someday at Christmas and it tugged at my heart more than usual. (And, er, it always tugs at my heart).


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