Lately I love…

This is too much about TV. Grad school is rotting my brain a little bit.

1. The Mindy Project.

mindy project pic

My friend mentioned a funny quote from it offhand during a separate conversation, and I watched the entire first two seasons (and the five episodes that have aired so far in this one) in a matter of about a week and a half. I am appalled at myself, yet also entrance. Some thoughts:

– I love that she uses her bed as a storage unit, because so do I. It’s such a young woman living on her own characteristic. I always have random books/cosmetics/hair things/papers/snacks in my bed. These are the advantages of not living with a boy! (I do not, unlike her, have a knife under my pillow for safety. I’ll take that risk.)

– I love that there’s a woman with a more normal body on TV, looking beautiful, being fallen in love with.

– Morgan Tookers delights me. I especially enjoy his silly memories of prison musicals. I wish the supporting characters got more attention (and it bothers me that all of Mindy’s girlfriends have disappeared- a show truly examining the young single woman needs to include girlfriends! And shows on network television should include women! A lead woman doesn’t mean studios should just feel free to not bother with any more substantive female characters!)

-I loved watching the buildup of her and Danny’s inevitable love. I always feel such a mixture of delight and disappointment when couples get together on TV shows. Delight because it’s always done so well and makes me feel all soft and fuzzy and reminiscent about the beginning of my own relationship. Disappointment because it means the will-they or won’t-they tension is over and now the episodes will just be about them having arguments or (God forbid) break up. The exception to this law of TV couples is exemplified in Andy and April on Parks and Rec which brings me to

2. Parks and Rec. So many things to love.

leslie knope joe biden

– Andy and April’s relationship, as mentioned. His Burt Macklin, FBI alter-ego. The fact that they just both let each other be each other.

– Ron Swanson. A lot of people who annoy me are fans of his (not making a political statement; he seems equally loved by members of both parties, some of whom think he’s ironic and some of whom think he’s incredibly sincere). But, just, annoying people for nonpolitical reasons. However. He is SO funny!

– Minor characters. Specifically Perd Hapley, the name I plan to give my next cat.

– Amy Poehler. God I love her so much. I can’t wait to read her book. I’m still sad she and Will Arnett got divorced. Like… really really sad. And it’s been awhile. I just choose to believe that the best attributes of her character- the optimism, the willingness to work really hard and get caught in the nitty gritty, the earnestness, the amusingly phrased wisdom, the lack of fear of looking stupid- are all real qualities of Amy Poehler. Also I think I’m most like her and Steve (reluctantly) thinks he’s most like Ben, so soul mates!

– The whole Joe Biden thing. I also love the ridiculous Onion articles about Joe Biden.

3. Trader Joe’s reduced guilt guacamole. I love it… and I have a hard time eating it in moderation. But because it only has healthy things in it, and packs less of a whallop than regular guacamole, who cares?!

4. Fage 2% Greek Yogurt with honey. Fun fact: when you’re in grad school, you sometimes end up grocery shopping at odd times. Like, for example, 10:30 on a Monday night, because you just finished up a project. My groupmate’s house was closest to Harris Teeter which, score, is open 24 hours. Imagine my delight, having not been to Harris Teeter in awhile, to discover a bunch of really good deals! (I think this may have something to do with Kroger buying them). The best by far was Fage being 10 for $10. I didn’t quiiite buy ten, but I came pretty close. I love them so much. They are so satisfying and indulgent and are actually good for you. Love you boo.

5. Foxy Lady socks. My mom and my sister both gave me Treat Yo Self type birthday gifts (if you don’t get that reference, see #2 and immediately start watching it on Netflix) and my mom’s included these shockingly soft socks. I love sleeping in them.

6. BB cream. I am an absolute Neanderthal when it comes to skin care/cosmetics/generally caring about my appearance/remembering to shower regularly. My sister occasionally attempts to intervene. One of her most successful efforts was giving me her old Aveeno BB cream.

bb cream

I love it because:

– It adds only 30 seconds to my morning routine, and includes several beneficial components. Specifically…

– It includes sunblock, and I’m a bum about sunblock on its own and also hate how it makes my ordinarily agreeable skin break out but this stuff doesn’t mess up my skin

– It makes me look dewy and more put together (via the subtle tint) without requiring cosmetic effort

7. Chill Situations. I love this twitter feed more than I can say. It’s okay if you don’t get it/don’t like it. I want to state for the record that I don’t smoke pot, and think the writers of this probably do. I just find it so… perfect. Perfect!

8. Littlest Critic. Once again plugging my cousin’s blog because it’s so good! I say my cousin’s blog, but really it’s my cousin’s two year old son’s blog- or at least a blog consisting of his direct quotes. I so enjoy these hysterical reviews of really good music from the perspective of a two year old. He calls the Violent Femmes the Flying Hens!

9. These sexy men’s Halloween costumes. Good if you need a laugh/cringe.

10. These adorably named shelter cats.

11. This sweet video of elderly Jewish people explaining Yiddish words. My mom sent it to me; she lived in New York City long enough to incorporate quite a bit of Yiddish into casual conversation. I completely love the words, and their meanings, and this video has a lovely message.

12. Finally, I love my current yoga studio. I’m reluctant to name it, lest it get too popular. Let me count the ways I love it:

– It’s donation based. Great for poor students!

– The inside is beautiful. Soft colors and lighting, and pictures of leaders of all the world’s religion around the walls. And there are NO MIRRORS! Mirrors are horribly distracting in yoga, for me.

– The fullest class I’ve been to there had six people. You get SO MUCH individual attention from the teachers. They give you these teeny tiny adjustments to make huge differences. This class leaves me feeling muscles I don’t feel after my other preferred forms of exercise- shoulders and lower ribs and things. Thus, I count it as strength training (which is great as I hate formal strength training.

– Unlike many studios, there are people with truly varying ages/abilities/appearances/body shapes and it’s wonderful and inclusive and non-competitive


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