week 5

In week 5 I was reminded (not for the first time) that my immune system is fairly pathetic.

Thank God my sister loves me and frequently sends me pictures of the cat to elevate my spirits.


(Sheila is in love with that boy. He is a little on the feral side right now but we’re confident he’ll soon become a member of the family, never mind how coy my mother is being about it)

IMG_0746 IMG_0747

(Sheila agreed to appear in a selfie with my sister which is shocking to me)


Apparently shortly before this picture was taken Sheila started retching over the carpet, so Malindi passed her a dish towel on which to barf. Sheila looked very pleased and started rubbing herself against the dish towel. No barfing, crisis averted, the cat is thrilled!

IMG_0742 IMG_0744

Done being a cat lady now. For the moment.

Also, thank God my sweet boyfriend brings me flowers and makes me dinner.


Nutritious to boot! Sauteed veggies 9cabbage/potatoes/mushrooms/herbs) topped with an ever-restorative fried egg. Plus corn on the cob and (I didn’t end up eating this all as it didn’t sit that well with my illness) tuna mac and cheese with buttery bread crumbs.


Also thank heavens (but my wallet says otherwise…) for Weaver Street Market, where I impulse shopped for healthy and easy foods. Along with myriad frozen items, I got hot bar for dinner one night. This was delicious and definitely fulfilled the veg requirement for the day:


From the top left: spiced sweet potato wedges, vegetarian refried beans, sauteed greens in a Chinese dressing, red curry tofu salad, grape tomatoes, mashed butternut squash, and steamed green beans with dates.

IMG_0739 IMG_0740

I made myself another nice hippie pizza thanks to this yummy whole wheat pizza dough recipe from Handle the Heat. Topped with sauce, low fat cheese, and crumbled tempeh sauteed with soy sauce and garlic powder.

IMG_0750 IMG_0753

My mom and I always excitedly/anxiously text each other when these little buggers appear in stores. We both have a problem. Not so much candy corn, just the little pumpkins. Obviously the fact that I bought them with salad greens (at, er, ten at night in an impulse purchase) suggests that my life is filled with balance and moderation. And I think both items helped my healing process.


When the weekend arrived, I took in a, per usual, totally fun and totally Carrboro event at the Carrboro farmer’s market. Doesn’t The People’s Peppers kind of sound like a communist propaganda flier?


It entailed a lot of things…


But most excitingly, lots and lots of healthy samples!

IMG_0755 IMG_0757

This soup was so, so, so good.


Sounds a little fussy but I might try to make it anyway. Though I’d better hustle since I think these ingredients may be few and far between by now.


I’d like to point out that the Carrboro farmer’s market has an adorable cookbook lending library.


Later on Saturday, I joined my pals Myra and Alex and their adorable puppy to take in an arts festival. They’d shut down several blocks in the coolest part of downtown Durham, and we wandered around oohing and aahing (and pausing every two seconds so someone could pet the adorable puppy).

Stuff that stood out included this uhh-mazing copper:

IMG_0768IMG_0767  IMG_0769

These sweet wood carvings:

IMG_0770 IMG_0771

A contingent from The Scrap Exchange, which I think is one of the coolest organizations ever.


Fun giant animal sculptures

IMG_0773  IMG_0775

And this lady’s amazing photographs (which she yelled at me for snapping, oops)


Since we were nearby, we had to stop at The Parlour, an amazing ice cream shop. I was bummed that they were out of my favorite, lavender, but consoled myself with

IMG_0782 IMG_0781IMG_0797


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