Once upon a time, I was ellipticalling while watching HGTV (I don’t own a TV so the gym is my only chance to get my Love It or List It fix), and saw an add for a free Graze box.

I love free things, so I went for it. (This is not a sponsored post).


The above box arrived. Note: neither the box nor the portions are large. I got the first box for free ninety nine so I’m focusing on quality first.

It contained:


Croutons! Croutons you can snack on without shame! The herbiness was a nice touch.

Also this:


I was most excited about these and actually found them the least exciting. Not a sharp enough pepper taste- it reminded me of the bland pre ground pepper.



Was YUMMY! Total dessert, but at least it was portion controlled. The caramel sauce was not too sweet, and the dippers were refreshingly un-artificial tasting with a pleasant, crumbly texture.

And finally this:


… was the sleeper HIT! It reminded me of those awesome junky orange cinnamon rolls that you pull out of the tube and bake. I did not think I would enjoy orange flavored raisins. I was wrong. Those cinnamon honey almonds are crunchy crack.

So that was my thoughts on Box 1.

Now, there was a Box 2. Here’s how it went down.

1. When I got my free box one, they got my credit card info and I was subscribed for a series of boxes that I’d have to cancel if I didn’t want to pay.

2. I saw my first box was in the mail (you can track it online) and promptly went to cancel my second box.

3. They said they’d give me my second box half off ($3something instead of $6something) if I didn’t cancel.

4. I got my second box. Then canceled.

Even though I am a total system gamer they optimistically sent me coupons to give my friends.


And box two contained:


This was good. A little boring (it’s just dried fruit) but I liked the chewy goji berries.


This was not my favorite. The pear tasted weird. I also find raw almonds a bit bland, but that’s a personal preference.


These seemed like the graze guys were phoning it in. This combination didn’t seem innovative so much as not sense making. Though the almonds were good, they paired better with the cinnamony stuff in the previous box.


This was good! Refreshingly spicy for something that’s supposed to have mass appeal. Super low calorie (more on that in a minute) and really more about having something fun to nibble on than getting satiety. But sometimes that’s what you want.

A few general notes:

– The packaging is beautiful. Wasteful, but could be worse (small containers, just peel off lids rather than an additional lid on top).


– I got the “dieter box” (hate that label) because everything was 150 calories or less and as a personal preference I prefer bigger meals and smaller snacks. I was happy with the variety they gave me for the lower calories.

– I think the box is way more expensive than I’d be willing to pay. It’s for the convenience, and since I enjoy grocery shopping and am a broke college student, I can’t really justify paying for the convenience in the future. But if paying for convenience is your jam, this isn’t the worst deal I’ve seen.


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