gettin’ myself a masters: week 2

I bought something important during Week 2 of grad school. “Two months rent” is one name for it. Another is Macbook Air. Another is… ? Help me name my new toy!


I really really like it! The Mac system is more intuitive than I’d thought, even having been PC-brained for so long.

Week 2 I tried to make lentils happen. In theory this should have been good- red lentils cooked with mint and garlic, with oil and vinegar. Lentil salad. But just… no. I didn’t want it. It was mushy cold slimy lentils. Sad.


These went down much nicer!


I got some luscious bread at Weaver Street Market! My roommate and I finally joined the co-op; we used the debit gift card we got for renewing our lease to get a family membership. With membership includes coupons, including one for the most perrrfect crusty, chewy, tangy, wheaty bread.

Steve and I did kind of a dueling sandwiches thing one night. His involved butter, mayo, artichoke hearts, avocado, sauteed mushrooms, and a spin on hollandaise.


They were lovely.


I opted for smoked salmon and homemade tzaziki (just greek yogurt, tiny chopped seedless cucumber, dill, salt and pepper, and lemon juice).

Wine on the side was always nice (Dena, thanks again for the Kim Crawford!)


Eating outside was wonderful.


Another night we decided it was important to get ice cream. Maple View at dusk, nothing better.


As for the scholastic part of the week, I:

– Learned pregnancy weight gain recommendations. Hint: you’re not eating for two

– Had the COOLEST guest lecturer! Peggy Bentley not only does awesome work in international nutrition, she also used to be the food editor for Food and Wine magazine! SHE TOTALLY KNOWS MADHUR JAFFREY (my girl crush/cookbook crush). We had a great chat about cultural food.

– Learned about Ciclovia: the city of Bogotá, Colombia shuts down major highways on Sunday mornings and the city flocks to it for exercise/social benefits. Public health triumph!

Went hiking on Saturday at beautiful Raven Rock. This shot looked down at the river where we’d been earlier swimming…


Then there were very very large rocks and very very tangled tree roots.

 IMG_0637 IMG_0638  IMG_0641 

Then there was a brewery! We went to Carolina Brewery in Pittsboro.

Steve got a veggie burger with fries.


And I astonished myself by wanting a salad.


Here is a view of the interior of the brewery and… Dad?! (Only my sister will find this funny. LOL, Malindi. LOL.)



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