beautiful Charleston

The last post of Summer Road Trip 2014! It was a good one.

This is a smoothie:


It is a smoothie from this place- the Halla Berry!


It was a cute little hippie smoothie shop:


Co owned by the cute hippie deli where we had lunch (on my friend’s recommendation- Dellz is EXCELLENT! Best rice and beans I’ve ever had, likely because they were slathered in avocado, fruity salsa, and a really flavorful vinaigrette).

Oh, and prior to Dellz, we visited the aquarium. I LIVE for aquariums, so it was obviously an amazing experience.

Loved: a special Madagascar exhibit featuring ring tailed lemurs! They had a big, interactive exhibit featuring areas where they could be hidden from the public (so important for animals like that). We saw them get fed- they loved cantaloupe and hated broccoli, hahaha.

Loved: Seeing wild dolphins swimming around in the bay next to the aquarium

Hated: Seeing baby sharks get EATEN by other sharks and rays in what I thought to be a cute little “shark nesting ground” exhibit! It was GRAPHIC!

Anyway, after the aquarium carnage and the Dellz bliss we split that smoothie and did some quality meandering down the beautiful King Street. We strolled along, swapping our smoothie, ducking into little shops and buying little somethings.

   IMG_0503 IMG_0504

Then we went to regroup at our house. It is unpictured but worth mentioning- we had an AWESOME Air BnB experience in Charleston. If you’re planning a trip, I highly recommend this spot: Sunrise on the Marsh. We had the whole place to ourselves most of the time (except for the cute, sweet dogs who were so fun to play with) and when the owner was there she was super nice (and, er, she and her friends helped us out with a slightly embarrassing car debacle). And views for days! See the pictures in the posting.

I called at the last minute on the off chance I could get a dinner res at the fancy place a lot of people recommended in Charleston, and while I could, it wasn’t til 9:15. Which was fine, since we’d eaten lunch at like 3.

We started the evening at a bar.


I really don’t like beer, but I got something to keep Steve company and to broaden my horions. The Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan was good for a beer… for a beer… Steve ended up drinking most of it 🙂


Then we went and got dinner here!


After Steve took me for a fancy dinner in Savannah, and then saved my poor vomiting bum on the camping trip, I felt that I owed him a festive occasion.

Because we were touristy looking kids, they put us in the back room. Which was fine, it was also lovely (though dim!)


Their bread was great. Steve inevitably gets more, being a bottomless pit. Then he eats butter with a side of bread.


We also got wine- an Italian white for me and a Malbec (his favorite) for Steve.


We couldn’t resist this appetizer special to share (they kindly split it for us):

The BLT! Homemade sourdough, toasted, topped with a mayonnaise with lots of herbs and capers, then achingly sweet heirloom tomato slices, then arugula tossed in a tangy vinaigrette, then the piece de resistance, LAMB BACON!

One of the best things I Have ever tasted. In my entire life.


There were lots of exciting things on the menu for entrees, but ultimately just because I was so delighted that the menu included it, I ordered the “Fresh, Local & Vegetarian”.


This particular evening, that entailed some of that fabulous Carolina rice, fancy mushrooms (can’t remember the type!) sauteed until they were meaty and chewy, heirloom cherry tomatoes, feta, sauteed spinach, and an exceedingly decadent leek cream sauce.


Plus some random asparagus they gave me on the side and said they forgot (I left it on the side and mostly ignored it, sincce the dish was great as is and really, seasonal?)

Steve got some Carolina barbecue which he also loved. It came with PERFECT greens and PERFECT cornbread.

Then because to me a special meal isn’t complete without dessert, I requested the key lime tart, which I split with Steve. It was delicious, particularly with the raspberry sauce that came on the side (doesn’t it look like ketchup in the picture? It did in person, too!)


Farewell, vacation! Let’s see each other soon!

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