Indian grocery store shoutout

Do you want a grocery store with delicious produce, high quality and affordable bulk goods, and packaged meal shortcuts with refreshingly natural ingredients? Friends, the Indian grocery store is your jam.


Specifically, Around the World Market in Cary, which enabled this delicious meal.

Love this:


Becaaause look at the ingredient list. There’s no crap in it!


It’s also a very user friendly mix. I adapted it somewhat- used pressed extra firm tofu in lieu of paneer, and used almond milk in lieu of whole. used canned organic crushed tomatoes (it was unclear what kind of canned they suggested you used if not using fresh.)


The mix looked vair beautiful mixed into my oil and tomatoes.


For the complete meal:

– my finished tofu curry, which was less cloying than your typical chicken tikka masala type sauce- flavorful and a little spicy
– a Tasty Bite eggplant curry that was AWESOME! I haven’t liked their saag paneer and lentils because they’re too mushy, but eggplant is supposed to be mushy! This tasted surprisingly fresh.
– white basmati rice (because sometimes life is too short to make brown when white tastes so good)
– Trader Joe’s whole wheat naan, in a nod to whole grains.


To round out the meal, check out my other favorite new discovery!


Seriously, America, you’re failing us on your chai spice mixes. This one has no artificial crap in it AND a mere 90 calories. Yes, semi skimmed milk is a little vague but I can live with 1 gram sat fat. Yes, the sugar is a little high but some of it is lactose and at least I’m getting some calcium. I plan to buy it often 🙂


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