Surviving Week 1

I’m going to try to do weekly (ish) recaps of my Masters program experience. One for my own personal memories and two because back when I was on the hunt for a chosen career I really enjoyed reading bloggers’ perspectives on their nutrition programs.

So here we go: I’m a Master’s candidate! I’m also in an accredited coordinated program to take the classes and complete the internships to sit for the exam to be a registered dietitian. That means, God willing, in the next 28 months I’ll obtain 5 new letters to add to the end of my name- MPH/RD!


Some fun facts…

The classes:

– Intro to Biostatistics, in which we observed this awesome graphic:

– Nutrition through the Lifespan (talked about pregnancy week 1- women’s bodies are amazing!)
– Intro to Health Behavior (all about different interventions to improve health behaviors- we’re focusing on tobacco, healthy eating, and exercise)
– Nutritional Counseling, Communication and Culture (we started off by talking about how important it is to consider illiteracy- a shocking 1 in 5 Americans have limited literacy, and it’s not the people you think).
– Food Policy (this is just a seminar I’m taking for fun. No, seriously! This week we had a speaker who worked in state politics in NC. Whoo, fascinating!)

Some of the week’s eats:


Whoa, steel cut oats are magic! I got a package at Trader Joe’s (impulse purchase, story of my life) and made four servings and then ate them ALL week. Topped with a little almond milk, fresh peaches, and slivered almonds. They left me SO FULL AND SATISFIED (TWSS).

My little cousins who were visiting from Taiwan this summer gave me the most cunning little compartmentalized lunch box. I love it! It’s so useful!


It enabled me to make a delicious lunch: separate compartments for arugula, watermelon, goat cheese, and amazing thick reduced balsamic vinegar my roomie brought me back from Asheville. This was such a beautiful and delicious lunch! I felt legit eating it in front of my nutrition classmates 🙂


Steve made most of this dinner on a day I was totally knackered from classes. I was beyond grateful.


A giant, delicious saute of potatoes, cabbage, broccoli, and mushrooms with lots of herbs and cheese.


Plus salads with lettuce, cherry tomato, and Parmesan (I topped mine with Trader Joe’s goddess dressing, mm) and my protein contribution, salmon burgers from Trader Joe’s (I wouldn’t buy them again, but at least they were healthy) topped with Sriracha mayo.


I had some leftover Trader Joe’s whole wheat naan and Indian food (more on that in another post) and also some tomato sauce, cheese, and mushrooms, so I made myself some single serving naan pizzas. It was SO nice and useful to have these around.


Finally, lest you thought I was too healthy and had it too much together, an anecdote: I got home on Thursday (my last day of class for the week, yes lucky me) around 4 and had every intention of joining my classmates at 7:15 to go see a movie. Feeling really tired and a little dazed, I decided to take a little nap around 5. Then… woke up at 8:45 when my innocent boyfriend, rightfully assuming normal people were awake, called me.


I thought about just staying in bed and sleeping til morning (definitely was up for it) but ultimately decided to put a little something in my stomach. Thank you, frozen Morningstar Farms egg and “sausage” biscuit. Then I went back to bed 🙂


So that night of sleep: 5:15ish to 8:45 plus 11 to 10= FOURTEEN AND A HALF HOURS! My cat would be really proud of me.

Finally, I made some granola bars with some odds and ends I had around the kitchen (old trail mix, old flaxseeds, old cereal, etc.) and stuck ‘em in the freezer for an on-the-go snack. They’re just okay. The problem is that now that I’m a co-op member, I can combine seemingly ubiquitous manufacturer’s coupons and sales and get Larabars for 50 cents and they are WAY TOO GOOD.


Now, a fun festive meal- wouldn’t you like your Friday night to look like this?


It’s always nice when your interests line up with those of your significant other. Happily, Steve and I both enjoying doing a fun ambitious cooking project together from time to time. This particular evening, we tackled (ish) this recipe for Arugula and Goat Cheese Ravioli, using egg roll wrappers instead of homemade pasta dough, because frankly that labor is seldom worth it.


Then when we had leftover egg roll wrappers after the filling was used up, we filled them with peaches, ricotta, goat cheese, and a little balsamic. This was a delicious decision.


The pine nuts for the sauce for the arugula ravioli were offensively expensive (even in the bulk bin, even only buying 3 tablespoons or so) but dannnnng that sauce was good. Steve gilded the lily by adding more cheese on top.


For weekend relaxation, we went to the nearby state park with our friend and her reliably adorable puppy for a bit of hiking.


We managed to spend the one hour of the day that it WAS raining in the park hiking. Chalk it up to poor planning and Murphy’s law. The daschund was a really good sport about it, but she did look adorable and pathetic on the car ride back.


Closeup on that adorable face:

 lochsie copy

Fortunately she was back in her usual good spirits when we went back to Myra’s house to hang out later that night. I always get my cardio playing with this dog.


There was also lots of nature watching!


We vegged out, drank wine, ate Chinese, and watched Pitch Perfect. Basically a perfect way to wrap up week 1.



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