elizabeth’s on 37th

Indulge me as I continue to reminisce about my trip to Savannah.

The owner of the Bed ad Breakfast recommended Elizabeth’s on 37th, a super posh restaurant a little off the tourist beaten path. We made our way further south than we’d been and I, as usual, took a billion photographs of the beautiful houses.


Elizabeth’s is in a gorgeous old mansion.


The hostess was leading us one way but then I saw a adorable porch-y area and asked if we could be seated there.

I loved the whimsical produce artwork.


And I knew Steve would love the Christmas lights.


Our table had lovely fresh flowers.


And the menu was dizzying- checked all the local/seasonal/innovative boxes.


Of course it took us awhile to get through that because we were quite fixated on our free spicy cheddar mini biscuits with homemade marmalade (so perfectly tart)!


And then drinks commanded our attention. I got a glass of white wine and Steve got their faaaaaaamous mint julep (infused with mint from their garden). I’m usually too much of a lightweight to like bourbon but dannnng this was good.

 IMG_0425 IMG_0426

After we finally decided on our entrees, we were greeted with an amuse bouche. This was a mussel with smoked tomato. Smoked tomato! What a yummy revelation! This was a smoky, sweet, crunchy, creamy bite.


Then we got a complimentary salad. Fresh herbs straight from their garden, a bit of watermelon and feta, and a perfectly light vinaigrette.


For my entree, I got a special! It was local snapper on a bed of butter beans and tomatoes that tasted like SUMMER PERFECTION. Plus a tangy, slightly smoky sauce, and an EXTREMELY rich corn pudding.


So I’m reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally picky about fish- I think there’s a very narrow sweet spot in which the fish is adequately cooked but still moist and just getting flaky. I hate overcooked fish. I know I sound like a snob, but to me, the point of going to a restaurant is to have access to ingredients I wouldn’t have at home, and to leave my meal in the hands of a professionally trained chef who can cook everything better than me!

Anyway, this fish fully delivered on both. It was perfectly done and crusted in this crunchy Parmesan awesomeness. The best bites were those browned edges, mm.


Steve’s entree was equally amazing. He got the spicy Savannah red rice with Georgia shrimp (also clams and chunks of fish and more!). The sauce on this was KILLER- intensely smoky, just a little spicy, with some acid from the tomatoes. The rice was perfectly chewy and flavorful (they know what they’re doing with rice down South- I have some skills to learn). And the blackened okra topping was crunchy and tasty! (And Steve loves him some okra).


Finally, for a dessert (despite the fact that we were already bursting at the seams), we split this peach and blueberry cobbler. PERFECTION! Ripe and succulent fruit in a perfectly textured broth (not too thin, not too goopy) topped with a sweet, crumbly, slightly crunchy crust. With oh-so-rich vanilla ice cream. We couldn’t finish it! It was so good and we still had to give in!


This was such a fun treat! I didn’t expect to have such a fancy-shmancy dinner on this trip, and then Steve announced one afternoon that he wanted to take me. Amazing surprise! Thank you thank you thank you!

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