tomato day!

What are all these adorable people waiting in line for?




My new favorite holiday. A celebration of tomatoes, in all their adorable shapes and sizes. (Steve got a particular kick out of that one with the pointy top).


You just walked down a line sampling. I mean come on.


Some of my favorites:


And OH MY GOD this mozzarella from Chapel Hill Creamery was the best I’ve ever had. They also make a brie that’s heavenly. Basically they are cheese geniuses.


There was also hippie music playing.


And tomato infused beer… it tasted like IPA. Aka GROSS.


That particular week, I ended up bringing two sets of tomatoes of the cherry persuasion, a cantaloupe, some peaches, and some squash. Wunnerful.

IMG_0215 IMG_0214

Here are some fun tomato things to make. (No, fine, not with any of the tomatoes I bought at Tomato Day. Or this summer, honestly. I’m trying to catch up with my archives!)

Secrets to delicious tomato pie:
– Really stinkin’ fresh tomatoes
– Fresh sage
– caramelized onions
– Really stinkin’ fresh eggs

Good crust is great but I only made a so-so one because I tried to get all healthy and found one involving whole wheat flour and olive oil. Eh. Anyway, the pie was still magnificent.


Now, how about a little focaccia?!

First a mushy mess.


Then, after time/gluten development/magic, it was proper starter:


Then it got fed, and grew even bigger and bubblier, into real dough:


Then I smushed it into submission.

DSC03485  DSC03488

And then I cooked up (not enough) tomatoes. I used to love going to Olsens (sp?) bookstore in DC but it went out of business. One of their highlights was their amazing tomato focaccia. Anyway. This was not enough tomatoes. But I cooked ‘em up.


Then threw in a bunch of fresh basil.


Then scattered it over the top of the bread


And gave it a bake!

DSC03501 DSC03502  

After all that, it was only okay. Oh well. Look for further tomato adventures!


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