Grad School Greatest Self Challenge

So I’m doing this thing I’m excited/nervous about.

I’m starting my very first challenge!

For those of you who don’t read food blogs (… most of you) you may not be familiar with the idea of this. Basically, bloggers are constantly challenging themselves to give up sugar/work out every day/ give themselves fifteen compliments a day/ revamp their morning routine, etc. etc. etc. I’ve never been into that.

However, I recently fell in love with the blog Back to her Roots and have been binge reading it. I love this girl. I really love her attitude about health and wellness. She’s good and crunchy too (homegirl grows most of her own food- she walks the walk).

Anyway, she came up with this great Super Summer Challenge and I totally dig it! Moreover, I want to do it! I love the idea of both body and mind goals, I love the idea that it’s about what you DO do, not what you cut out or avoid, I love that you reward yourself for reaching goals.

Why yes, summer is winding down. However, I’m about to enter a new and exciting challenge in my life. I’ll be going to grad school (for public health and nutrition, and I want to be able to be a good example of healthy eating, sane brain, and good activity level in my chosen career).


When: August 1st through October 31st

Why: See above. Plus, I’ve being doing a few fun new experiments relating to challenging myself that have felt really good. And out of character for me- Steve’s Mr. Goal Setter, I’m Ms. Present Moment (which has been known to be an extreme where it’s like I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT RIGHT NOW I FEEL TRAPPED but fortunately not very often and increasingly less.) More about that tomorrow.

And now the nitty gritty.

What: my Grad School Greatest Self Challenge (psst- come on board! You can call it a different name!)

Grad School Greatest Self Challenge

I should earn about 110 points per category per day to reach 10,000 points goal by end date. I’m making myself the rule that I can’t earn above 175 in one category for a given day- I have to progress in body and mind!

Ways to Earn Body Points
Take vitamins (10 points)
Put on sunblock in the morning (10 points)
Drink 8 glasses of water in a day (10 points)
Casual exercise (ex 1-2 mile walk) (15 points)
Do 100 crunches or Tiffany Rothe abs workout (15 points)
Track every meal and snack for a day (15 points)
Wash my hair three times a week (15 points)
Medium exercise (ex. 2.5-3.5 mile walk) (15 points)
5 servings of vegetables in a day (2.5 cups) (15 points)
4 servings of fruit in a day (2 cups) (15 points)
Calculate my macros [the percentage of calories I eat from carbohydrate, protein, and fat. NOTE: won’t be calorie counting, just am experimenting. More on this tomorrow.] (15 points)
25 grams protein at every meal for a day (25 points)
Have a no dessert day (25 points)
Formal workout (40 points)
Trying a new workout (50 points)
No going out to eat for a week (500 points)
Run a mile (500 points)

Ways to Earn Mind Points
Water plants and refill hummingbird feeder (10 points)
Give myself a sincere compliment (10 points)
Do dishes (10 points)
Do something nice for Steve (15 points)
Call, send a letter or lengthy email to, or hang out with a friend/family member (15 points)
Write a blog post(15 points)
Get the mail twice a week (15 points)
Clean room (15 points)
In bed with the lights out before 12 (15 points)
Do a monthly budget analysis (15 points)
Spend 1 hour outside of class on school work/preparation [this number will probably increase after class begins] (15 points)
Make hummingbird nectar (15 points)
Journal (15 points)
In bed with the lights out before 11 (25 points)
Take a bubble bath (25 points)
No Internet after dinner (25 points)
Try a new activity (40 points)
Do a craft or creative project (40 points)
No Internet for an entire day (100 points)

Ways to Earn Both Points At Once
Take a walk with a friend (20 points)
Eat all of a day’s meals and snacks without distraction- can’t be in front of a computer, desk, or TV (50 points)

And finally, the priiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiize?

If and when I reach my halfway goal (5,000 points) I get:


If and when I reach my full goal, I get:



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