cookin’ tomatoes

Having fresh tomatoes around (ideally ones you grew) enables you to make almost anything awesome.

Here is a nice picture of tomato sauce bubblin’ away on the stove. The pot in the back is the pot used to poach a tomato. Tomato sauce works best with peeled tomatoes, and the easiest way to peel a tomato is to plop it in boiling water for thirty seconds or so.

Why yes, this was taken during tomato season last summer. Yes that is my mother’s house.


Here’s the North Carolina incarnation, which is canned 😦 but organic 🙂 I threw some glugs of olive oil in a pan, cooked a few cloves of garlic and some dried Italian seasoning in it, then added a can of organic whole tomatoes, crushed with my hands, and a can of organic diced fire roasted tomatoes.


This sauce was served for… Gnocchi Gnight! (Sorry. Sorry.)


On the make your own gnocchi plate night was two kinds of gnocchi from World Market (whole wheat and sweet potato, and porcini and truffle), the homemade tomato sauce, sauteed mushrooms (which looked much more voluminous before they were sauteed, obviously), and parmesan.


Steve and I had over my friend Roxanne and her hunky French boyfriend. Roxanne is Thai, and her mom made us this unbelievably delicious soup. The meals didn’t match but we didn’t care.


The tomato sauce had its second life in the form of this hippie bastardization of pizza.IMG_0129

Crust: chickpea flour mixed with hot water, spread in the pan

Sauce: normal sauce, the only normal part of this

“Sausage”: tempeh that’d been roasted with garlic powder and soy sauce

Cheese: 2% cabot cheddar

So not pizza at all. But, but, but… really really good!


And finally, its last incarnation (why make tomato sauce when instead you can make a lot of tomato sauce?), I poached some eggs in the tomato sauce (threw in a few soft cherry tomatoes for a little extra oomph).



Now let’s say you need to clean out your fridge of a variety of vegetables, not just tomatoes. Here is a concoction for you.

Onions, eggplant, okra (sauteed) Chopped tomatoes and peanut butter and hot sauce and soy sauce (mixed in) Stewed til the okra got tender and finished with seasonings of choice.

It’s amazing how good peanut butter is with vegetables!


Yes, these pictures were also taken last summer. I miss you, Dutch oven.



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